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Should You Buy a Property that is Not Vastu Compliant?

When buying a home, apart from considering the location, price, facilities, space, there is another important aspect – Vastu. A survey by has revealed that as much as 93% of the buyers seek Vastu compliant homes. Many of the flats in Hyderabad like Pacifica Hillcrest are offering possession on request, as many of their units have already been booked.

This is because, as understood the reviews of the Pacifica Hillcrest, apart from being a good residential option in terms of location, amenities, and affordability, it is also Vastu compliant. Vastu compliance is becoming a necessary condition for buyers.

So, if you are planning to buy a property, how much significance should you attach to Vastu? Should you be considering only Vastu compliant properties or should you keep the Vastu as a secondary factor?

Understand what is Vastu

Vastu for Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu study of architecture which literally means “science of architecture”.  It deals with aligning the infrastructural and material aspects of the house like corners, directions, geometric patterns, the position of the rooms, placements of furniture, artifacts with the elements of nature like the sun and wind. The fundamentals of Vastu are based on the flow of energy and magnetic fields of the ‘dus dishayen’ i.e. 10 directions.

Importance of Vastu

Realize the fact that ancient scriptures of India like Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas which finds the earliest mention of Vastu Shastra, were not only about religion and rituals. A significant amount of the content of these scriptures was related to science, astronomy, geography, and mathematics. Following Vastu helps in channelizing the positive energy which in turn, helps in maintaining good health, prosperity, happiness, and peace.

Why should seek a Vastu compliant house?

Vastu Shastra experts are of the view that Vastu non-compliant properties will have an imbalance of energies, that might cause a negative impact to the ones living in the house. Vastu inadequacies can cause inconsistency and discord in the alignment of the electromagnetic fields and gravitational force.

It means that if a house is not Vastu compliant then inhabitants of the house will not be able to harness the positive flow of energy. Such inconsistencies can cause health issues, restlessness, lack of concentration and hamper your prosperity and familial relations.

Strike a balance

From the survey data input, you can make a fair estimate of the significance and incidence of Vastu compliance while buying a property. If a property does not even meet the basics, it is better not to purchase that. It is almost impossible to find a property that is completely Vastu compliant. Also, keep in mind that some of the Vastu imperfections can be corrected as well.

It is not possible for even the real estate developers to construct projects that are 100% Vastu compliant, though they are trying to keep up with the demand. Adhering to Vastu norms raises the per square cost by 4% – 8%. You don’t have to fret about the possible cost rise. You can avail home loan by Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans and own a house without compromising on the Vastu.

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