What to Expect From Law School?

It can be an overwhelming and exciting experience to start anything new. The best way to make it through big changes is by making yourself aware of things to expect. Similarly, when it comes to making it through the freshmen year of law school, if you are aware of what lies ahead, you will be better prepared to deal with all of it. Here are some things you should be aware of as a new law student:

1.            You will be required to deal with many logistics

When people think of the life of a law student, they envision briefs, lectures and spending a lot of time studying in the library. Even though this is true to an extent, other vital points should also be considered beforehand.

Some of the stuff you will be required to deal with before your academic period even begins include: shifting to a different city, adjusting in a new dorm, obtaining an ID card from the school, figuring out your college campus, and purchasing all the necessary books. A proactive approach to these things will ensure a smoother transition.

2.            You won’t be able to control your own schedule

While undergraduates can generally choose their own classes, first year students in law school don’t get to because most law colleges organize freshmen into different sections. The one you get sorted into will determine your course and its timings.

However, one thing that is under your control is your seat. It is quite common for students to pick the same seat throughout the semester. Make sure you reach the class early so you are able to secure a spot or sit with someone you prefer.

3.            There is a lot of reading

Assuming you have done your share of research and communicated with other law students or the alumni of your university, you are probably already aware of how much reading a law student is required to do in their first year; none of it an exaggeration.

There is a lot of reading. You cannot run away from it. It is crucial that you put in time as well as effort to your readings so all of them don’t pile up in the end. It is going to be so much easier to manage your work load and write lengthy law essay if you spend around 10 hours per week going through the relevant material.

4.            Every aspect of your is going to change

Law school is competitive and challenging. While this may make it hard to form close bonds, it has the ability to foster a distinctive form of camaraderie. It can be really helpful to become friends with your classmates. A group study session every week can be really effective and helpful, especially when exam season is around. It will keep you motivated as well as give you a platform to express your ideas and get any queries resolved.

You can also take part in extracurricular activities to find friends interested in the same things as you. Interacting with students outside the context of a classroom can help you form bonds that last throughout law school and maybe even your life. You should even make an effort to make friends outside of university to avoid living in a bubble.

The last thing you should know about law school is that while you may not feel like it, you are not alone in this. Most of your batch mates are probably in a similar position as you. However, the time will fly by before you even notice it so try to make the best out of your law school experience and you will remember it for a lifetime.

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