The Futurist: How will future HR technology alter the HR Function

Human resources undergo a dynamic shift. You don’t need to look into a crystal ball anymore. Due to digitization, operating in a traditional manner is not going to work. The sooner one realizes the change, the higher the rate of survival.

Human resources are on the brink of disruption with the emergence of technology that is taking over industries and the marketplaces today. Staying in a traditional cocoon and limiting tasks by doing administrative work is no longer an option. It’s now or never, HRs need to reshape their own future. A report by KPMG revealed that of the 1200 global executives they surveyed over 64 countries, 39% said that HR leaders have started harnessing resources and insights redefining obsolete models, incorporating new age technologies such as analytics, AI and digital labor to upscale in the human resources department. These technological changes have also transformed the way the HR functions. The HR technology is entirely a whole new system that can bring a holistic approach to HR workforce in this digital age.

Annie Suen, general manager of learning and organizational development also says that technology is going to play a huge part in the human resources enabling the 3Es – efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement in HR operation.

Being an HR, one need to have an agile nature and stay ready to adopt changes that take place in the market. As an HR professional, adopting customer experience mindset is recommended as it enhances recruitment and experience provided to employees. If you wish to have solutions that are engaging, customer friendly, simple and easy to adapt then you need to have an agile mindset.

Human resource development fosters a long term work-related learning capacity at an individual, group and at an organizational level. It provides a systematic approach and is a continuous process adding value to an individual, team or organizations as a human system.

Digital savvy is what sells in the market. HR professionals should keep themselves ready to reskill and uplift their digital literacy and focus more on becoming digital savvy to pace up with the current workforce and be future ready.

HR professionals are now bringing people together making use of new platforms in combination with HR technology. Change management is a skill that HR professionals must now master under technological transformation. Teams capable of leveraging technologies such as AI,   chatbots that helps incorporation of personalized experience online is something that is in trend.

Two years from now, more HR executives will be seen investing in skills such as analytics, AI and enhanced process automation. The digital transformation is growing by leap and bounds and is going to be huge for human resources management. One of the bravest ways to overcome such transformation is by hiring skilled employees with the updated skills.

Management is moving its focus from mundane activities to enhancing businesses efficiency. They are doing this with the help of analytical tools. These tools are used to determine the right candidate with relevant skills, this also helps them understand the strategy when an employee plans on shifting to another organization. And also why he/she is leaving.

What is exciting is that AI and machine learning are technologies that will become a significant part of HR in a span of five years!

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