The 3 must-know ‘W’s of Talent Management

The 3 must-know ‘W’s of Talent Management

We’re living in a fast-paced world, where digitization has driven the workforce into an entirely new era. It is said that 99% of organizations are already preparing for the future of work. But what does preparing for the future of work mean? While most organizations are still struggling in hiring the right talent there are others that are more engrossed in trying to retain such employees.

The future of the workforce is nothing like how it used to be during the past. Earlier, organizations were in search of professionals in human resources management, but today they’re looking for candidates skilled in human resources with the advanced skillset, precisely the HR talent management.

The infographic depicts the 3 W’s that we need to focus on right now.

Why do organizations need to be driven towards the future of the workforce?

  • Due to digitization, most of the tasks are now automated and is AI driven, bringing disruption in workplaces.
  • 375 million workforce might need to switch jobs due to this technology disruption.
  • And 75% of the global workforce is expecting significant disruption.

The employers are not the only ones who are concerned about the disruption but even employees are worried that AI might take away their jobs. Talent management organizations are trying to bridge this gap. Moreover, most organizations are saying that there is no focus is being laid towards their wellbeing and they lack climate of trust.

The 3 must-know ‘W’s of Talent Management

And they now require a workplace that is purpose driven, internally diverse and technology abled in order to prepare themselves for the future.

  1. What are organizations doing to prepare for the future of work?

The future of talent management organization lies in trying to identify the talent gap and work towards how this can be changed. Global talent managers are trying to identify the skill gaps, redesign new jobs, mapping shift in new business that are emerging, and strategizing the future need for talent management professionals.

  1. Who all can bridge this gap?

To reinvent the new workforce, it is important that talent managers take up the first initiative and start bridging the skill gap. While change is inevitable, organizations should carefully choose how to adapt to these changes. The future of talent management can be promising only by reinventing the skills and getting certified. Most of the HR professionals are moving from being a traditional professional to talent management professional.

The time is right to get yourself certified in the latest skills and get hired by potential employers.

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