Strategies to Crack IIT JEE

India’s one of the toughest engineering exam is about to be conducted 4 months from now and the aspirants are gearing up to give their best. This exam needs no introduction to all the Non-Med students as it decides their future career path.

Numerous students appear every year and the number goes on increasing as the year passes by. It clearly indicates the amount of competition out there and how can one stand out from the rest of the crowd. Everyone has its own strategy for preparing for the exam, but here are few tips that would definitely help you out during your preparation time.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Change The Way You Think

Do not overestimate yourself. It’s good if you are well aware of the syllabus and are towards the end but do not make castles in the air until and unless the exam is done. Your result would tell your status.

Do not underestimate too. Everyone has their own power of grasping things. If you are slow learner then there is nothing to be afraid of. Do things at your own pace without comparing it with others. Slow and steady wins the race that is why keep calm and studies well.

  1. Do Not Wander A Lot

Stick to the books that are referred to you by your coaching classes. If you refer different books at the same time, you might end up getting confused and the concepts would be messed up. Keep reference books as minimal as you can. The best way is online preparation for IIT JEE chemistry and other subjects.

  1. Do Not Give Up Your Hobbies

Giving a major exam doesn’t mean that you give up your hobbies and interests. These are the best stress busters and mood changers.

  1. Rest Is Best Near The Test

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. So, one should take proper sleep and rest to relax mind and body. Exerting yourself way too much may lead to fatigue which is not good from a study point of view. Listen to good music or do other recreational activities.

  1. Solve As Much As You Can

Take online mock tests and solve previous year questions to have knowledge about the kind of questions expected. This would enhance your skills and speed.

  1. Feel Free To Question

If one has any doubt in mind, feel free to ask.  That doubt if not cleared could cause trouble in future and hinder you from solving questions. It is better to say goodbye to shyness.

  1. Hard And Smart Work

As it is said hard work is the key to success so keep on working hard with your full potential and one would definitely get the fruit. Work on your weak areas more and try to strengthen them. Keep on revising whatever you have studied. Stick to your regular schedule.

  1. No Hard Feelings

If one doesn’t get selected for the top colleges there is no need to dishearten yourself. It is not end of the world. There could be much better options out there.

Hard work definitely pays off so believe in yourself and stay focused! Pay heed to whatever is taught in not only IIT JEE chemistry online coaching, but physics and maths also.

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