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Hyderabad based preschoolers are nowadays developing their interest and abilities and pretend to play more and more throughout their classroom. From making tunnels and roads to playing with the animals and cars, their interest in pretends play is boosting their confidence to interact and talk with one another in their class.

The classroom of any Hyderabad preschool is pretty small so one has to think outside of the box a bit to bring in various kinds of play and exploration. For the kitchen area, one needs to set out a small clipboard for the chef to take orders, bottle caps for “soup,” and a variety of dishes they purchased for the children to set the table.

The children in the Hyderabad preschool usually spend the morning setting the table, taking orders, and cooking up soup for one another. As the children ask each other what they would like to order, they would take the time to “write” the orders onto the paper. In the process of play, children get to practice so many different skills and the children even enact the roles of different characters from the “Pumpkin Soup” book into their play.

Benefits of studying in an international school

If finding a school that is in sync with a child is difficult enough in one’s home country, but traveling across seas to foreign lands adds a whole different dimension to that same decision. This is where the best international schools in Hyderabad come into play. Their reputation steams ahead of that of state schools, with smaller classes and culturally immersive curriculums.

International schools have a long history of excellent teaching and intellectual founders, including the likes of Charles Dickens, who helped establish The International School at Spring Grove, which stands out as an outstanding case-studies to set up some of the best international schools in Hyderabad. They were set up to educate the children of foreign diplomats, overseas personnel and the staff of non-governmental organizations (NGO).

However, all thanks to the rapid pace of globalization and what it meant for mobility and accessibility between countries, the need and interest in an international school education have also spiked significantly in recent years. For starters, an international school allows a child to go straight back into the curriculum they were learning prior to moving. This ensures there are no missed chunks of their education – chunks potentially crucial to a child’s social development and to the early years of his or her journey into the job market.

Many international schools have cultural appreciation classes, so the very fact its student cohort comprises many nationalities creates a heightened awareness of cultures the student may never have gained in a state school. This exposure can prove invaluable to a child in his or her formative years, something state-run schools could, in fact, learn from.

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