alent Management Process

Importance of Talent Management Process in the Growth of Company

The talent management process is the process of selecting talented employees for the organization. Humans are the best resources an organization can have. It should be the top priority of every organization to hire talented and efficient employees for work. Talent management process helps in exploring the hidden talent and the creative thinking of the employees. In this competitive world, a company should concern about improving the abilities of the existing employees and hiring the most efficient employees to get positive results for the growth of the company. Talent management process is the best solution that results in making employees perform better.

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These are the Several Steps that Should be Followed While Using Talent Management Process:

Understanding the requirements: It is important to understand what exactly you want from the employee. For this, you must prepare the description of the job and responsibilities you want your employees to perform.

Finding and attracting talent: It is important to find talented employees as per the job requirement. This task doesn’t end here, once you find an efficient employee than you must do something to attract him.

Recruitment and selection: This is the main task of the talent management process. This process includes conducting the interview and hiring the best person. The interview should be taken by skilled and experienced recruiters so that they can identify and select the most suitable employee for the job.

Training: The selected employee should be given an appropriate training program to acquire some specialized skills that are important for his job.

Retention: Most of the company’s thing that paying good salary and incentives are the only factors of retention but it is wrong. Employees should be given an opportunity to express their creative ideas. The other factors of retention are career development, challenges and personal development of the employee.

Promotion: It is impossible to work in the same organization at the same designation with the same responsibility. Promotion motivates the employee to perform better in their respective fields.

Career planning: If an employee is making continuous progress in his work field than a company must consider promoting him with lifetime job assurance.

Succession: It is the process of recognizing and analyzing the skills and working process of employees so that it becomes easier to replace their positions with other employees in the future.

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