How will Your AI Engineer Job Description Template Look Like

How will Your AI Engineer Job Description Template Look Like?

From data scientists and big data engineers toanalysts, it is crucial for everyone to have a job description. Job description plays a major part in your career while seeking out that dream job you’ve been wanting for so long. However, a job description having your portfolio of projects can be significant especially in the IT field.

Let’s just dive in directly and check out the kind of job description an AI engineer would require.

AI engineer job description template:

  • About the Company/Our Team

The first paragraph will consist the name of the company and the specifics of the team you’ll be working with.

  • Job profile – AI engineer
  • The challenge

Usage of algorithms in order to extract insightful information for the purpose of processing the image or audio. As an engineer, one needs to analyze data and develop different techniques for classification and feature extraction. One should be open to working in multiple projects and verticals, helps create several features based on image recognition. The critical responsibility of the engineer includes visualizing and communicating the results.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

  • Stay updated with the latest AI research that is relevant to the business domain.
  • Deployment of AI models into production.
  • Setting up the AI development and managing the production infrastructure.
  • Assist product managers and stakeholders gain an understanding between the potentiality and limitations of AI while planning for newer products.
  • Construct AI models from scratch and assist product managers as well as stakeholders understand the results.
  • One needs to build data ingest and data transformation structure.
  • Creating APIs to help customers put the result of the AI model into operation.

Skills and experiences

  • Should have a Bachelor’s degree in related field such as Computer science, technology, mathematics, statistics and experience is not mandatory, however should be exceptional in understanding computer.
  • For tech professionals looking for higher job role – must have five years hands-on programming or codingexperience. Most employers prefer ten years of experience.
  • Proficiency in multiple programming languages such as Python, SAS, MatLab, and R.
  • Experience in building AI models in platforms like TensorFlow, Theano or Keras.
  • One should thrive learning about AI though medium such as books and of course taking up credible certifications.

Do you have what it takes to take up an AI engineer job role?

Being a tech professional, one should be able to demonstrate strong initiative in building AI skills. Just because the job is fancy doesn’t mean you need to grab it. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge to take up a career in AI. If you’re not prepared to handle this job better not apply for it.

You do not have to be an AI expert or an AI researcher, but you still need to have what it takes to build existing models and be able to deploy them.

Have you build your first software enterprise?

It is not a research job role. Thus, you need to possess skills that is beyond just hacking Python models by using libraries such as Pandas and NumPy.

As an AI professional, you will need to deploy models into production. You will need to build maintainable and readable solutions using modern software engineering techniques.

How good are you with an ambiguous job role?

There are certain AI projects that you will need to work with. A major responsibility of the job includes helping evaluate candidates and identify the top talents. It is an added advantage if you have a certain amount working in an environment such as a startup.

Although there are certain standards to a job description, this is how a typical job description template of an AI engineer will look like.

So are you up for an excitement career ahead?

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