How to Repair School Shoes

School shoes, a day to day necessity for our school going children might start giving up on us; but you might fix it. School shoes are constantly used; they are on run for a lion portion of the day moving over asphalt, concrete and often face the hard time as children play outdoor games in their school wearing them in mud and dirt.  I have found that people nowadays search a lot for some easy steps to fix school shoes and so I will recommend you some of the easiest steps to repair school shoes specially using shoe glue, in this article.

Repairing a school shoe is not an easy task as one might think. Yet, it gets easier if you use shoe glue. I believe that your school shoe would look like a new one if you sincerely follow the steps mentioned below to fix school shoes-

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Resoling Footwear

Sometimes the sole of the school shoe might get damaged due using it for extra times or some objects might creep in to harm it. If the sole feels spongy, uneven or weak you should start resoling it. It is not a hard job. Just follow the steps-

  1. At first, remove all dirt from the shoe.
  2. If possible, roughen the surface for a better performance.
  3. Then, flatten it with a sander. It is important otherwise your sole might get damaged very easily.
  4. Then cut the amount you need to begin resoling from the soling-sheet.
  5. After that, use shoe glue to attach the material with the sole.
  6. Lastly, line up the bottom and sole of the shoe evenly for better attachment.
  7. Lastly, you should start to cut the extra edges of the soling material and squish the surface.
  8. If possible, apply extra pressure for better attachment after using shoe glue.

Repairing Holes or Torn Shoes

With the passage of times and extra workload, your school shoe might either get torn or affected with holes or cracks. You then need to repair it using shoe glue.

  1. At the beginning, clean your show to make it free from any dirt and mud.
  2. Take away grease completely from your school shoes as dirt and grease often hamper the effectiveness of the shoe glue.
  3. Then seal the torn area, holes and cracks of the shoe pair with the help of a duct tape or other compatible material.
  4. After that, apply the shoe glue or adhesive in the outer part of the shoe.
  5. It is tough to apply the shoe glue properly for its extreme adhesiveness. You might use an ice cube to do the job easily.
  6. After the adhesive starts working and gets dry, you need to remove the duct tape or other compatible material used earlier.
  7. If you find any excessive materials, you can cut it using a knife or paint thinner.

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You need to wait for around 24 hours after applying the shoe glue in both of the cases for a better performance. Be careful to remove dirt and grease for the effectiveness of the shoe glue.

School shoe often is a memoir of our children’s school days and they don’t want to lose the precious pair easily. So, it is always a better option to repair them using shoe glue. Besides, this would help you to save an extra bit of money that you might provide to your loving child as pocket money. So, it’s worth repairing school shoe.

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