How to Clean Your Classroom

Normally cleaning your classroom is the duty of the janitor, working in your school. But it is worth for you to clean your classroom with your own with the help of your friends. It is not a difficult job, so you need not worry at all. You can easily clean your classroom with the use of some handy equipment. I will guide you through the process in this article to assist you cleaning your classroom.

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A clean classroom is always a necessity for a better learning. It helps you to remain calm during the lecture. Cleaning your classroom will be easier with the use of equipment and materials mentioned below-

  • Pressure washer surface cleaner
  • Handheld steam cleaner
  • Handheld paper blower
  • Liquid detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • And a mop

If you are ready with all your equipment essential for cleaning your classroom, start following the steps mention here, one after another for a neat and clean classroom-

  1. At first start with collecting papers and put them in the dustbin. You might use a handheld blower to collect them.
  2. Then remove all the chairs, and desks form the classroom to use a steam cleaner and pressure washer surface cleaner.
  3. After you have removed chairs and benches you need to collect wastages such as color pencils, pens, and any other used or broken things if there are any.
  4. If you have removed trash items then start cleaning the floor and walls of your classroom.
  5. Then start cleaning your walls at with handheld steam cleaner. Cover the painting, charts, plants, and whiteboard, if there is any to avoid any harm to them.
  6. Clean the walls from top to bottom t avoid water dripping in from the above on the clean parts.
  7. After you have cleaned your walls, focus on cleaning the glasses of windows. You need to use glass cleaner for this purpose.
  8. After cleaning the walls and windows, use a pressure washer surface cleaner to clean the dust from the floor.
  9. Sometimes there might be tough strains on the floor. In this case, you could use bleach or cleaning detergent with your pressure washer surface cleaner to wipe out the strains.
  10. Then wipe out the floor, walls, and window-glasses with the help of a mop.
  11. Use a small piece of clean cloth to clean the projector display. Soak the piece of the cloth into a liquid cleaner and gently rub the display to wipe the strains and dust.
  12. Wait for few minutes so that the classroom dries up.
  13. Lastly, put the chairs and desks in their proper place and uncover the plants, whiteboard paintings, and charts. You might reorganize the desks and chairs for a new look.

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You need to be cautious while using a steam cleaner, handheld paper blower, pressure washer surface cleaner, and other devices as they are electric equipment.  You should also use safety goggles and safety gears, so the dust, bleach or liquid detergent, don’t do any harm.

In reality, cleaning your classroom along with your friends is a fun time. You might at ease clean your loving classroom with some useful tools following some of the easiest steps stated earlier in this article. You would be highly pleased with your work if you really follow the instructions. Thus don’t forget to leave a sweet ‘thank you’ message for me as I sign off for now and wish you Good luck!

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