Dealing with Bed Bugs

Guidelines for Dealing with Bed Bugs in a School

Bedbugs; are often treated like a taboo in our society that no one wants to talk about. But everyone of us has tasted the bite of this villainous insect. Rarely, bed-bugs might build their colony in our school causing many problems for the teacher, administrations and above all for our loving children. The solution to this hitchhike is preparation and proper guidance and I am here to guide you through to deal with bedbugs in your school premises.

It does not require great efforts to deal with bedbugs in a school. But few things have to be looked at closely and proper guidance must be provided. There are several phases-prevention comes first and responding to bedbugs if found, comes in the second position. You might follow the steps mentioned below-

Education & Guidance:

  1. Teach everyone about the identification and basic life-cycle of bedbugs.
  2. Make everyone especially the administrative authority about their duties and responsibilities to control the bedbugs.
  3. Have a close look at how the janitors are working to clean the classrooms as a dirty classroom is most likely to home bedbugs and affecting the students and others.

Role of Parents & Guardians:

  1. Inform the school authority about bed-bugs, if they find these notorious insects in the home.
  2. Check the student’s belongings to identify if there are any bed-bugs; If found they must isolate the belongings to prevent it from going to school.

Role of Students & Authority:

  1. Inform the school authority if they find any bed-bugs around them either in their educational belongings or in school premises.
  2. Authority with the help of the school nurse has to isolate the belongings of the student belongings and inspect closely the identified student.
  3. Don’t stop the student coming to school as it might harm his mental state. Besides, it would cost him his periodical gap in the study too.

These are some of the preventative measures that a school is instructed to follow in case of any insurgence of bedbugs in nearby locality and states. Although it is uncommon for bedbugs to start infestations, you need to monitor it on a regular basis. If any infestations are found, you need to destroy them. You might take measures such as-

  1. You might use alcohol with a mixture of 70% water solutions and 50% strength.
  2. Alternatively, you might use 90% rubbing alcohol without mixing any water.
  3. You could also use a solution made of detergent and water.
  4. Alternatively, you could use a soapy solution instead of detergents too.
  5. Use dryer to dry up the beds of the students if there are any arrangements of bedding of the students.

In all these cases, you need to apply the solution in all possible corners of the classrooms and school premise, especially in the possible holes of desks and chairs.

Occasionally, you can use chemical insecticides to kill bed-bugs in school premises, mostly in the open areas such as in the field and garden. But chemical insecticides contain harmful toxic elements for a human. So proper caution must be taken.

Bedbugs- a notorious insect though tiny in size affects our health badly. While dealing with bedbugs in a school you must take the sincerest care to kill every one of them so that the future of your nation, the all loving children are not afraid of them anymore in their classroom. In dealing with the bedbugs, I strongly believe that this article will prove handy to you all.

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