Career Options After Strategic Management

Career Options After Strategic Management

Strategic management is a promising field to pursue. It teaches to think strategically and plan well, to achieve goals. It equips you with skills in management, strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, and more. Every organization needs a strategic thinker who can help to achieve organizational goals, which can vary from increasing revenue to improving organizational work culture. The best part about strategic management pursuers is the scope for employment isn’t limited to one industry. Thus, have several choices for a career. As a graduate, they can find employment in various roles. Let’s take a look at some of them below —

  1. Financial Analyst— This role requires knowledge of finance. Large investment banks, commercial banks, insurance firms, venture Capitalist firms are ideal organizations that hire strategic management graduates for financial analyst role.
  2. Research investigator – Clinical research is one of the major skills taught as part of strategic management. This skill opens numerous opportunities for them. Every organization requires research to seek opportunities to expand, improve organizational function, and more.
  3. Business Analyst – Unlike yesteryear, today companies are built around data-driven decision making. Companies collect data in every functional department, which is further used to make decisions. However, these decisions don’t come so easily, unless data is manipulated structurally. Business Analysts manipulate and analyze data to derive decisions and help companies make changes accordingly.
  4. Product Strategist – Large corporations are always looking to expand their offerings and add a new product. However, it is essential for them to know market first. Hence, they employ product strategist who assess market via engagements with thought leaders, conference participation and further suggest new products. Business strategy professionals are a good fit for this role.
  5. Marketing Consultant – New products are hard to market, especially when the market already has competing products. Marketing consultant build go-to market strategies and find opportunities to launch in newer areas.
  6. Business Development Coordinator – As you may understand from the designation, the role entails areas to expand business via collaboration with other businesses, product partnerships, coordinate communication between involved parties.
  7. Consumer Insight Analyst –Consumer experience is utmost important to companies. Consumer feedback is important to make changes to product and make it better. Consumer Insight Analyst collect consumer feedback and find out areas of improvement to make consumer experience better.

Apart from the above roles, government agencies also hire business strategy, professionals to execute public policies, where their strategic management capabilities, is put to use. Advisory and consulting roles in public administration are prominent among experienced people. Not just graduates, looking at ample opportunities available in this space, many experienced people are pursuing business strategy certifications to start a career in strategic management.

All in all, strategic management open up plethora of opportunities across industries. Further, it has immense scope for growth. Compared to roles in the industry, it offers good remuneration as well. Not just that, it offers good scope for higher studies at prestigious universities as well.  Opportunities for

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