Are Credentialing Services Important?

Are Credentialing Services Important?

Earning a credential is an indispensable part of the whole learning process as it is the final step where you get your knowledge approved. So basically, acquiring knowledge is perhaps in your hands but approving it is the hands of a credentialing body and the more reputed it is, the better it is for you when it comes to finding a job.

These days, the credentialing sphere has a new addition to it – Badges. However, is every badge a credential? There is a controversy going around this subject and I wish to go into the depth of it and throw light on this matter through this article.

This complexity mostly occurs because not everyone uses the same terminology and is not very aware of what exactly does a credential meaning. So, let us have a look at some of the most genuine definitions of a credential and comprehend its meaning and essence.

What is a credential?

Going by the definition provide by the Lumina Foundation- It is a documented award presented by an authorized and responsible body which has identified that a person has earned particular learning outcomes respective to a given benchmark. So, in this context, a credential is basically an umbrella term which covers degrees, licenses, diplomas, certificates, professional or industry certifications as well as Badges.

Though this is quite a conventional definition, it holds prominence, especially the second part where a credential is referred to as an umbrella term. The term credential has been coined by taking inspiration from the Latin word ‘credentia’ which means ‘credence’ in the English language. And, giving credence to someone means providing approval through recommendations.

Although, the first half is a little restricted. In the current period where there are countless institutions offering credentialing services, I can really say how true is the part where is talk about ‘an authorized and responsible body’ and ‘a given benchmark.

There is a bunch of other definitions of credentials that have been taken from reliable sources and they definitely hold relevance.

Here they are…

  1. A qualification, accomplishment, quality, or element of a candidate’s background mostly used to show their appropriate for something.
  2. A credential can be seen as an attestation of qualifications, competencies, or authorities issued to a person by a third party holding a pertinent authority or maybe an assumed proficiency to do so.
  3. The abilities as well as experience which make a person appropriate for a specific job or a proof of an individual’s competencies and experience.
  4. Personal qualities, accomplishments, or experiences which make an individual well-qualified for something.

Is Badge a Credential?

Badges were originally contrived to get a grip over learning wherever and whenever. It can be in any form: public, private, formal, informal, individual, group. The truth remains that the purpose of badges is to capture knowledge and showcase evidence of it. So, I don’t believe that there is any reason for it to be not considered as a credential.

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