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5 Advantages of NetApp OnTap for Enterprises With Massive Data Amounts

NetApp is considered one of the most traditional enterprises when it comes to storage, it is considered old and needs to give up and allow the newer and better companies to thrive. It is obviously understandable how some have come to this conclusion; however, nothing could be further from the truth. NetApp has a rich heritage and provides customers with some of the best advantages regarding both the in-premise services and the cloud in the public. NetApp’s cloud business is new but quickly rising in popularity, showing the growth of 300 % every year NetApp now has more than 2000 customers on its cloud and more than 240pb of cloud data is under the management of net app.

For other companies moving to the cloud is simply about convenience and some companies move the entire workload on to the cloud along with bringing the entire infrastructure of information technology. Other companies are moving workloads that were physically present to the cloud and some even work in the public cloud. It doesn’t matter what the reason since companies are benefiting greatly by having access to the same infrastructure in the public cloud as they do when the data is physically present on the premises of the company. The NetApp OnTap cloud is an amazing way in which NetApp is able to enable this change.

Importance of NetApp

Bringing enterprise-class features for cloud storage users:

NetApp OnTap is exactly what it sounds like, it is basically OnTap only present within the cloud. The reason this is good is that every single script, the integration infrastructure and the automated capabilities that were present when the data was present physically on the premises can now be brought into the public cloud without any type of change. NetApp OnTap cloud does exactly what one would expect the OnTap to do. This service is simply integrated well into the infrastructure enabled within the cloud backup and disaster recovery enabled along with being the leader in industry efficiency.

NetApp OnTap cloud storage has a lot of benefits especially for small and medium-sized Enterprises since they usually struggle with which place to put the data source since there is a lack of storage space. This can greatly affect the operations of the business and therefore OnTap makes sure that the data center remains efficient and uncompromised. Enterprises when using OnTap have greatly improved performance, a better rate of delivery, follow latency levels and a much better test and development process among other things such as improve data protection.

A Variety of Services

There are a variety of services that net app provides. These include more established technologies for example; those that help companies engage in the most familiar information technology and also integrate into the publicly accessible cloud. There are a lot of solutions offered by NetApp and they act as the enablers for those who are providing the public cloud and their customers as well. They also provide a wide variety of services that make the already present cloud much better. At NetApp they understand that data is what is the most important, not the application used for the information technology infrastructure. In the competitive world of cloud services this is one of the most important things since this world has a lot of different containers that are stateless and also a large variety of micro services.

The entire platform is unmatched in the realm of versatility. The cloud storage is greatly improved and ensure that the requirements of the business are made and always keeps up to date regardless of any change that comes in and keeps updating the platform as it moves on. We have stated before the technology is constantly improving itself and thus so are the business requirements, OnTap allows the data in the cloud to move freely and this offer much greater benefits. Along with that the untapped platform allows you to operate at a much higher level of performance than normal and the capacity is much greater and without any disruption.

Expertise in Large-Scale Data Handling

The modern information technology infrastructure is such that a large amount of the data centers relating to everything from the networking of the company to the application of the company itself. Most parts of the company can either be made or completely obliterated using only a few lines of code. Applications are important and infrastructure is now not as essential as it once was however, in this world of change the data provided to the company must not be changed at all.

Legacy as a reputable data storage company

NetApp has good portion of earning one of the best names and reputation in the data storage industry, this heritage is what allows them to not only continue the services but also build one of the most reliable cloud services in the world.

Ease of access and scalability

Finally, and most importantly perhaps OnTap is not just efficient but also easy to use and this can be greatly beneficial for the small and medium businesses. Using the NetApp OnTap storage and management the business can gain easy scalability and other services. The services enable the much smaller business to not only store but also access huge files and access them from one place this that is much easier to manage.

Importance of NetApp OnTap

For any established vendor regarding technology the strategy regarding the cloud has to be more than simply new ways to earn money and new streams of revenue. The strategy must change the entire infrastructure and be completely transformative and it should change not only your way of doing business but also the way of your competitors. All this time the priority should always be given to providing our customers with the best possible service. This means that not only new ways of working on the cloud must be made but also the already present services and products need to be made compatible with the cloud.

According to Garry Kranz from Tech Target, “NetApp appends services to Data Fabric that aims to help enterprises flexibly manage their data between local storage and public clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google.”

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