30 Days Are Enough To Prepare For GRE

Students taking the GRE vary a lot depending on the time they have for the preparation.  Some people have quite a few months to prepare for the test, while some have just a few weeks. But most of the students fall in the category of the one month preparation time. It is obviously better to have more time to prepare for the test and you should always opt for that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you absolutely cannot score well if you have only 30 days to prepare. If you are devoted, hard working and you plan appropriately then you can score pretty well. But you should at least spend 30 days preparing for it. Any less than that can be very risky.

More time means more preparation. When you have more time, you can practise more and you can even choose to join GRE classes. This way you will have enough time to go through all the topics and repeat the ones which you are doubtful about. But if you just have 30 days time, then you can follow this study plan and achieve greatness.

Materials required

It is quite obvious for students to be confused when choosing the material. There are so many options for them, both online and offline. Several companies publish several books by different authors to help benefit the students. But the main base is that you need to get books which comprehensively deal with each topic that is there in the syllabus and have practice questions to. Practice tests are available in the form of books as well as on online sites. You should try both of them.

Things to remember

  1. The key to acing the test is to plan your preparation strategies in a smart manner. If you have a solid plan in place and you work hard, then you can achieve anything. You should divide the syllabus within the number of days that are left and prepare a proper schedule. Sticking to the schedule is as important as making it. The best GRE coaching says that a smart plan is a foundation of scoring well in GRE.
  2. Procrastination is a habit that has been cultivated in most students lately. It is a very dangerous habit to have and it can lead you to fail. Whether you have more time at hand or not, you simply should not procrastinate. If you have already formed a schedule, then you need to stick by it no matter what. If you want to succeed then you need stick to the plan from the beginning till the end.
  3. The more you study, better the chances of you scoring well. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should study for long hours without a break. Proper rest is also very important. You need to sleep well when you are preparing for the test, otherwise your body won’t be able to handle all the pressure.
  4. Announcing your GRE plans can also motivate you in a positive manner. If you inform more people that you are taking the GRE, you will prepare well so that you do not disappoint them or be embarrassed later on.

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