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How to Earn Money on Instagram

Instagram is known as one of most popular social media platform with over 1 billion-plus monthly active users. Instagram was the only platform for sharing photos and videos and its now a business platform as well. You’ve probably heard stories of Instagrammers who are making thousands of dollars from Instagram every month. You might be dreaming to make thousand of dollars too to live a luxury life.

If you also want to earn money from Instagram then today’s article is just for you. Because in this article, I will share with you step by step guide to earn money from Instagram.

How many followers do you need to make money?

You might be wondering how much followers do I need to start making money on Instagram then the answer is “Not as many as you think to make money”.  You can even start making money with very small followers the methods I am going to share. But if yo have less followrs then you are not able to make too much money. If you want to earn good amount of money to live luxury life then you need to become Instagram famous first. The amount of money matter on how much followers you have and how much engagments you are getting on your posts. If you are getting good engagments then you can turn your followers into leads or sales.

Things to Consider Before Using Instagram to Earn Money:

Instagram’s app engagement ranks above  LinkedIn , Pinterest, Tumblr,  Snapchat, as well as Twitter.  Instagram is a business platform with massive potential for marketing opportunities.  But before start making money on Instagram there are a lot of thinsgs that you need to consider.

Create an Attractive Profile: In your instagram growth, your profile matter a lot. You ned to create an attractive Instagram profile that attracts more followers.

Post Regularly: To get more enaggments and grow fast then you need to pst regulary on Instagram. This is one of the best ways to grow fast.

Post High Qualty Photos: Always use high quality photos and convert your images into digital art. The more unique and high quality images you post the more reach and engamnets you will get.

Use Relevent Hasthtags: Hashtags are the best way to get more reach. Always use relevents hastags to get more reach and more enagments.

Engage with your followers: If yu want to earn good amount of money then you must need to engage with your folllwers. Stay connacted with them because your followers are your money and you can convert them into sales again and again.

Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram:

There are a lot of ways to make money from Instagram but here are some of best ways to earn money from Instagram.

Earn money with Instagram IGTV:

Instagram now let their users to make money with IGTV. IGTV is Instagram own App allows users to upload 1 hour long videos and earn money from them. If you have small number of followers then you are able to upload 10 minutes videos, only peoples with large folllowers can upload 1 hour long videos.

If you are Content Creator than you can make good money from IGTV. Instagram will display Ads on your videos, You will be paid for each Ad Impression you get on your videos.

Promote your Own Business:

The best way to make money from Instagram is to promote your own products or services. Because you business can give you more money than the all other methods. If you own any business then promote your products on Instagram and give your followers discounts to get more sales for your business.

Earn Money via Affiliate Links:

Another Great way to earn money from Instagram is to promote affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing products to get commession for every lead or sale you generate. Your comession can be 1% to 80% and some compnies give more than that. But Don’t put irrelevent products or sending them scamy message to buy these products because you will lose all the followers doing this. only promote products that are relevent to your niche and that your audince like. This is also one of best way to promote other products and get comession for every sales you generate.

For Example: If you sold product cost of $100. And the company is offering 50% Commesion for every sale. Then your comession will be $50 per sale. The more sales you generate they more you will earn.

Earning Money with Instagram from Sponsored Posts:

If you have a large number of followers with any particular niche than you are able to get a lot of sponor posts. This is one of best way to make money from Instagram. That is called influncer Marketing. To get sponer posts open yourself for collbration. In this way you have to make a post on the belf of any brand, mention them, promote their offers, or write a review of their products. The amount of money will be depending on your followers and your enaggaments.

Earning Money with Instagram Photos:

If you are good photographer and take high quality images then you can sell your images on Instagram. Think about ow many people sbuy stock images. You can use Instagram to promote your portpolio and you will get sales from Instagram.

Final Words:

There are a lot of Instagrammers who are earning million of dollowers from Instagram you can do that as well. All you need to do is work hard and stay focus on your growth. These aboove methods can help you to earn thousnad of dollars from Instagram. If you still have any question then let e know in the comment below.  I am here to will help you to grow on Instagram.

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