3 Types of Instagram Content to Include in Your Email Marketing Campaign

The best way to leverage email marketing for your business is through the integration of your brand’s posts on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. Once you are done, you can integrate it onto your marketing emails. Even a few years back, you composed lengthy email content, explaining about your product or service offerings to the recipients. But, most of the time your targeted audience may not open these emails or read them. Finally, they might choose to discard them completely. However, if you use Instagram photos, you can solve this problem to a considerable extent. Read this article to learn what Instagram content to integrate into your email marketing campaign to make your promotional content interesting.

  1. Add Your Merchandise Photos

Embed the photos of the products you would like to sell in your emails. Ensure that you integrate multiple images of specific items that you want to sell through your email marketing campaign. You can also use the screenshots of your posts and send them to your recipients. Provide the links of your posts to your targeted customers. Both the strategies will work for your brand. However, we recommend that you that you send the screenshots, as your customers will not be required to wait for a long time to see your Instagram content. However, do not attach the photos in your mail because the recipients may not like to download them. Attaching the photos may not give you the success in your email campaign.

  1. Include Existing Deals

Integrate Instagram images when it becomes necessary to highlight your existing deals and discounts, or any upcoming deals during the festive season or special occasion. You can embed the images directly or send screenshots of your Instagram posts. Make sure that you highlight the excitement surrounding these offer during the festive season. It will make your audience take note of this fact. They will be inspired to make the most out of the deals, not missing them when shopping during special occasions. Besides, if you are new to Instagram, you can look for websites like Stormlikes to understand how to increase likes and followers on the photo-sharing platform.

  1. Add Photos of the Contest Winners

You can also organize fun contests on different social networking sites, including Instagram. It will generate more interest in your products. The strategy will also inspire other users willing to take part in your contests. All you need to do is share photos of the contest winners on your business Instagram page. It will exhilarate your followers, as they would love the newfound fame and popularity. It will generate interest for your brand when you link the snaps of the winners in your emails that you shoot. It will show that the winners are real people who used your products and loved using them. When you embed the images of your happy customers in your email, prospective customers will see those reactions, influencing them to opt for your merchandise.


Now that you know what Instagram content to include in your emails, integrate them in your future marketing campaigns.


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