10 Post-launch Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Boost Your App Downloads

Once you have completed developing and launching the mobile app, your work doesn’t end here. You need to perform mobile app marketing in order to tell more people about its effectiveness and benefits. Most of the app developers don’t consider marketing as important as creating the app. This thought process needs to change because every new thing that you launch in the market demands promotion to avoid being neglected.

We will tell you about 10 such marketing strategies, which are a must to follow as a part of mobile app marketing services:

1. Create a Pre Launch Website and Content

It is always good to create some hype about the app before its launch. In this way, the users will be ready and looking forward to using it even more. If you consult a good digital marketing agency, they would definitely suggest you create a pre-launch website and post informative content about its release date, benefits and other details.

2. Develop an Engaging Home Page

The landing page where a user is tempted to download your app or navigate through your site is an important component that can be used for mobile app marketing. You can include 1-2 sentences explaining the purpose and function of the app, which should be enough for the user’s understanding.

3. Get Maximum Downloads within the First Week of Launch

The first week after you have launched your app is the most crucial time for it to get the maximum number of downloads because the hype and awareness are at its peak.

4. Blogging

Since content is the best marketing strategy, you should start a blog in which you can write about your concepts used in the app, problems your app deals with efficiently etc. The users can gain educational values from your blog while enjoying its practical use simultaneously. Through your blog, you can even ask them for suggestions, feedback or reviews.

5. Guest Posting

This is a good way of attracting more users to your application. You can allow guest posts from other bloggers whose audience download your app. You can also post on other websites and contribute to them, who can in return allow you to place your link in the author bio. It is completely a ‘give and take’ process.

6. Social Media

You can never ignore the impact that social media has on millions of its users. Therefore, decide your own captions, hashtags, and style of promoting the app and get going. Using social platforms as a means of promotion is the best mobile app marketing strategy.

7. Receive Regular Feedback

Feedbacks and reviews are the most direct way of communicating with your potential users and learning what they think about the app. You should make sure that users do comment about their experience and provide some suggestions regularly, which can help you a lot in improving.

8. Keyword Optimization

This is a great way of increasing your rank in the search results of Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. You should select keywords, which can be most frequently used by the users to search for their app solution. By doing this, the search results will suggest your app as one of the top choices.

9. Impressive Icon

The app icon should be appealing and it should also indicate the motive behind its creation so that users don’t have to think a lot to know about it. It should be created such that they are compelled to download it without a second thought.

10. Teasers or Promotional Videos

One of the best techniques that mobile app marketing services suggest is to create teaser videos for your app, which aptly describes your app and the issues it overcomes. It can be a very good way to promote the app because videos are the most popular way of gaining people’s attention. But, make sure that the video is not too long.

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