What to Keep In Mind to Buy Ventilation Fans?

Are you aware that not many people know of the fact that exhaust fans or ventilation fans are an inseparable part of the kitchen? It is as much important as your gas stove is. Exhaust or ventilation fans minimize odor, humidity, and temperature. It helps in keeping the paint intact, while the ideal ventilation is also at its peak when you switch on the fan.

Sound level

If you have decided to buy a ventilation fan for your kitchen exhaust, the sound level should be one of the concerns. Usually, the sound of exhausted fans is calculated in sones. Fans that generate less than 2 sones are considered as quiet. Fans of 4 or more sones are loud. The lower the price, the more expensive the fan is. Choose as per your budget.

Controlling features

The newest exhaust fans come with the feature of automatic control. So whenever there is a need for temperature or humidity controls, the users need to just control these with the remote control.  Invest in an automated one when you decide to buy ventilation fans online. Switch on the automatic exhausted fans and it would function detecting the rising humidity levels or temperature levels.


Wall mounted, exterior or ceiling mounted are few of types that are the available types of exhausted fans available for kitchens. All these fans can also be used in bathrooms or living rooms- in fact, any place that feels suffocating and needs fresh air after some time of use. The choice of mounting of exhaust fans is based on the available space.

While wall-mounted fans are the best to use as these can be placed in small rooms as well, exterior exhaust fans also function quite similarly. The only difference remains in the sound that exterior exhaust fans make in the outside. Only for Ceiling mounted exhausts, they tend to improve the air- circulation in compact places like kitchen and bathrooms.


Kitchens are so far the only place where it turns all hot, the open fire is always on, appliances are running, increasing the heat. So for adequate ventilation, every kitchen requires ventilation and that can only be provided through exhaust fans. Not every kitchen is airy and spacious; and to cater to the needs, users should consider the capacity of the exhaust fans as one of the parameters before buying. Calculate the area of the room you would install an exhaust in. then multiply the square foot area by its height, followed by diving the result by 7.5 to find the CFM rating you should consider buying a ventilation fan. Small exhaust fans have a CFM rate of 30- 50, while large ones read up to 250- 300 CFM of airflow.

Ventilation fans are functioned to add ventilation, improve air flow and circulation, lessen humidity and help manage temperature in the kitchen. These are few of the fundamentals that one should keep in mind before investing in a ventilation fan also consider the aesthetic value that it would add to your kitchen or bathroom area.

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