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What are the general tips near the road construction?

Tips for the construction worker:                         

  • Do not work at the edge or outside of the work area.
  • Do not unload or load a vehicle on the side where vehicles are traveling.
  • Work facing incoming vehicles.
  • If necessary, appoint a traffic controller who meets the training requirements established by the regulator.
  • If the presence of a signalman is deemed necessary, place appropriate road construction signs in the warning area to indicate its presence, except in the case of an emergency.
  • As a driver of a work vehicle, avoid backing up or backing off slowly. Use a flagman to increase security.
  • Use vehicles and mobile equipment with reversing warning devices.
  • Control the release of dust that can reduce visibility by periodically spraying the area with water.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and ensure equipment is well maintained.

Responsibilities of Asphalt paving company:

  • Ensure that work vehicles are very visible (mark the sides and rear of the vehicle with retro-reflective tape) and clean.
  • Track incidents, accidents, injuries and near-misses to improve incident prevention.
  • Place lighting equipment so that drivers are not blinded.
  • Store vehicles and equipment off the pedestrian path.
  • Inspect the site daily to ensure that signs, cones and other signaling devices are in the correct (visible) position, cannot be moved easily by people, cars or gusts and are good condition.
  • Ensure that signaling devices are removed or covered when they are no longer needed.

When the work is done, remove all signaling equipment in the reverse order from where it was installed. Warning signs in the warning zone must be removed last and only after all other devices have been removed. All the Good paving companies care about these factors e.g. Driveway Paving Company in Marshall exist in Virginia from last 30 years and serving very well.


What types of security devices are used in signaling plans?

  • The equipment used to ensure safety in the work area can be grouped into three categories:
  1. Warning or information:

The equipment / warning information include things such as fixed or mobile signs, temporary or rumble strips.

  1. Closing / guiding:

The / closing guide facilities comprise elements such as traffic cones, barrels and dams.

Cones and barrels guide traffic, but cannot protect workers from collisions. The spacing between cones or barrels may vary and depends on the type of work and the speed limit. Cones or other equipment should be placed in such a way that road users clearly understand where to drive. Cones are generally used on roads other than highways, or for short-term highway operations. Flexible barrels are favored when the work areas are on a highway and are required for night operations on the roads.

Dams are used to temporarily close or block part of a road. They can be easily knocked down by wind and motorists if they are not securely fastened (usually by sandbags). Line devices or continuous barriers are preferred for guiding traffic (see “Protective Equipment” below).

  1. Protection:

Protective Equipment – Workplace protection can be provided through the use of physical barriers such as concrete barriers, impact attenuation vehicles and impact attenuators.

For example, continuous physical barriers are made from concrete elements or deformable elements filled with ballast and reinforced by steel bars. Concrete barriers should not be placed at an angle or perpendicular to the direction of traffic.

Buffer vehicles are used to protect workers during short-term work or mobile work. Some buffer vehicles may be equipped with attenuators that reduce the impact force in the event of a collision. These types of buffer trucks are also called impact attenuators.

Temporary impact attenuators absorb the energy of the collision, have the advantage of being easily repaired, and can be used in temporary situations where quick installation and removal of the work area is required.

What type of personal protective equipment is recommended?

Personal protective equipment must be adequate for the job. In general, road workers must wear a helmet with a high-visibility colored band, -certified safety boots and a vest or very visible clothing. Consult the standard or provincial regulations for specific requirements.

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