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The Weight of Order Taking Call Centres

These are the exciting times for the customers. With digitalization now evolving at a prompt pace, a number of businesses have emerged on the web. Be it restaurants, e-commerce firms, or the online shops, the importance of customer experience has elevated impressively. Customers choose from a vast gamut of alternatives available on the internet using the web as a medium to purchase and communicate with the business.

From the business point of view, the race has just become tougher. There is no room for error as customers’ preference and demands have become uncertain. If you are not offering what customers expect, you do not stand a chance in the competition. Because of this only, businesses are now providing an omnichannel assistance to the customers so as to leave no loopholes.

Outsourcing is playing a paramount role in helping businesses to provide unparalleled customer experience. Take for instance the case of online businesses. Customers explore the website, check out the offerings (products/service) and then place their order online or on the phone call. Businesses are thus hiring specialized service providers or call centers that can handle this process efficiently.

The Order Taking process

Businesses that operate online comprehend the importance of order taking process. The minutest glitch in the order taking process can deny your business a sure shot sale. In fact, quite many e-commerce companies have experienced high cart abandonment and increased customers’ churn rate due to incompetent order taking process.

So, a lot of e-commerce business and restaurant owners are now choosing to outsource to ensure a positive sales figure and better business reputation. Thus, a lot of order taking service providers are now being approached. These service providers make sure to take the orders in a much professional and précised manner.

Benefits of Order taking call centres

There are more than one advantages that the order taking vendors offer to businesses. They are:

A chance to cross-sell and up-sell

Surprisingly, a lot of business owners have admitted that by tying up with a competent order taking service provider they have experienced a better sales conversion rate. And by this, I don’t mean just because all the orders are placed smoothly sales is increased, instead, more selling opportunities arise.

Order taking agents are so well-trained that they along with streamlining the purchase process also make sure to try & tap the smallest possibility to cross-sell or up-sell. These experts make sure to offer such stupendous level of services to the customers that the latter becomes more intrigued in listening about the other offerings.

The order taking call centres are known to maintain a systematic database of all the customers with in-depth details. The agents utilize this information to follow up customers and make them aware of the upcoming offers, discounts, new launches, and updates about the existing product line. This positively impacts the sales.

No work stress on the in-house team

Typically, your in-house experts are supposed to handle the order taking process. And since these calls can be managed easily, business owners generally do not hire extra resources. This loads the shoulders of internal professionals with the burden of handling various order taking calls, consequently lowering the overall productivity.

Hiring one of the prominent order taking call centres would free up your in-house resource to focus on the core tasks. When your agents will be fully available to look after the business functions that drive the revenue stream of your company, high performance and better efficiency become inevitable.

24*7 presence

Hiring and maintaining a team that takes care of your order taking requirements day & night would require a heavy investment from your end. Hiring renowned order taking service provider would help you to maintain an around-the-clock presence for your customers. This is beneficial in two ways:

  • Your sales conversion rate will see a boom
  • Your business’s brand image will be bolstered

Final words

It is definite; if you streamline your order taking process, your business is assured of accomplishing success and new heights. Select a competent order taking call center today and make your business rank at an apex position in the market. Thanks!

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