The best tips for moving

The best tips for moving

Are you moving? So, you have to think of a lot of things. We have compiled a list of the best things to do about moving resp. for your move.

1.      Planning the movement correctly

Proper preparation equals half the rent. It is also valid for the move. That’s why there is a list of things you should think about.

2.      Moving for Movement

You should immediately ask for leave as soon as you know the date of your move. With either employer, they are offered special leave or financial assistance.

You should return your old apartment in immaculate condition, otherwise you may have trouble on the part of the management. The latter may have recourse to the deposit of the rent paid to settle the damages incurred.In case of damage, preferably contact the management directly to clarify who and how the repair should be done and who should pay the costs.If everything is in order, you can contact the management directly to arrange an appointment for the delivery of the apartment.

3.      Move yourself or call a moving company?

You can naturally organize the entire move yourself. It is even easier if you use relatives and friends who will help you. For this, you can rent a carrier or a truck (compare prices!).

A lot of work is behind a move. This is why it is advisable in many cases to rely entirely on House Removal Epsom that will take care of everything. Here too, a golden rule: exactly compare prices and offers to find the best company with the best price / performance relationship. Check the amount for which you have insured your property.

4.      Get enough cartons for moving

Remember to get moving boxes and packing material on time (instead of poor-quality boxes). For a household of two people only,House Removal companyarrive very quickly to 25 boxes, if not even more.

You will be surprised that all this is particularly practical. Also get tissue paper, card stock, adhesive rolls, straps, protective wraps and sheets, bags that will serve as cushions or whatever, a devil and a furniture storage. Similarly, you can fill suitcases and bags.

5.      Packing, labeling and storing at the right place

We must pack our things carefully and cautiously, especially when it comes to sharp objects. But, also label all cartons with their contents and write where the cardboard must be deposited in the new apartment.

In addition, what will incredibly help your helpers is to make a plan of the new apartment on which is written what will go in each room. Thus, the installation of the furniture and the deposit of the boxes in the new apartment will be done easily without loss of time and discussions.

6.      Exhaust the reserves

Everything in the fridge or freezer should be used as much as possible. Indeed, it makes no sense to move foods especially if they are frozen.

The day of the move should therefore be the last leftovers in the fridge and freezer. You will quickly fill the refrigerator in the new apartment.

7.      Prepare as far as possible before moving

Before the moving company come, Relatives and friends arrive to help, you should prepare as much as possible so that moving day goes well.

Think first of all about:

  • Thaw the freezer
  • Remove the water connection from the washing machine and let the water flow
  • Wrap all the cables of the electrical devices
  • Disassemble the lamps
  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Pack as much as possible, so prepare the boxes and fill them

8.      Request Exceptional Authorization

If there were any problems parking at your old address, there is the possibility to request an exceptional authorization when you park in a prohibited area. According to the cantons, the cantonal police or even the municipality is competent in the matter. If you have taken a House Removal Chelsea, this one often offers this service.

In the same way, one can obtain an exceptional authorization for the duration of the move, if one had to live a street with a ban of parking and would like to park the moving truck.

9.      Load the truck correctly

The carrier also wants to load the truck intelligently. That is why we should think about what will be placed in front of and what will be placed behind. The basic rule is: what must come first in the truck must be loaded last.

10. Avoid damage

It is particularly annoying to leave the old apartment with scratched floor or stairs damaged by the move. One can avoid many by covering for example a sensitive ground or one draws the attention of the helpers on certain points which could become delicate by moving.

11. Raise the counters

The electricity, water and heating meters must be read. This is valid for the new apartment as for the old one that we leave.

12. Change of address – announce your departure everywhere and indicate your new address

You really do not realize what to do to announce yourself in time and indicate your new address in due time.

The most important addresses:

  • Employer
  • Post (request to forward the mail)
  • Banks (termination of accounts?)
  • Telephone, television, and internet (cancel the TV connection and ask for it at the new location
  • Inhabitants control

In addition, a whole series of companies and authorities want to know your new address: insurance, mobile phone operator, publishing houses (for subscriptions of newspapers and magazines), etc.

Our advice: check bank withdrawals. All places where you regularly pay money or who you receive money need your new address.

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