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The awareness of road users around construction sites for the safety of every one.

In fact, risky behavior is a source of real insecurity for road professionals, while their actions are necessary to maintain and improve the quality of the road network. Every year, hundreds of accidents endanger the lives of the maintenance and operating agents who provide our comfort and safety on the roads 24 hours a day. So when we are appointing an Asphalt paving company we should appoint the best one e.g. Asphalt Paving Stafford Virginia best paving company serving from last 30 years in Virginia in the USA.

Roadwork needed for road safety at every place

The operating agents of the motorway companies are professionals who serve the users, often driven to work close to or even at the heart of the most important traffic flows. Their role, often unknown, is nevertheless essential on the roads they are the guarantors of the comfortable and safe journey and work day and night to maintain the quality of the network.

For more security around construction sites

The presence of a construction site is a special moment for the user it involves increased safety measures in exceptional traffic conditions (modification of signage, reduction of the number of lanes, change of direction of traffic, suppression of emergency stop strip which are related to the Road construction signs..)
Road users must remain alert to specific signs – always placed upstream – which inform them of the upcoming site and therefore the particular risks involved. Everyone must adapt their behavior accordingly: by respecting the safety instructions issued by the information and signaling panels and, above all, by respecting the specific speed limits, as well as the safety distances during the crossing. In case of bad weather, it is recommended to be extra careful to anticipate any danger related to the work or behavior of other motorists (collision with an obstacle, skidding on gravel, etc.).

To respect these rules is to respect the work and especially the safety of these men.

User awareness in the field

Through the distribution of radio spots, leaflets, and flyers, this approach aims to raise the awareness of road users about the risks they bring upon yourself near work sites and the risks incurred by operating personnel when the speeds authorized for approach and along the construction sites are not respected.

More frequent make sure

Given the chance, which are attached to the respect of the speed limits to the right of the building sites, control operations will be organized more frequently using, in particular, mobile automatic radars embedded in unmarked vehicles.

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