Strategies To Reduce The Costs Of Packaging and Shipping For Businesses

It is costly to invest in an efficient packaging and shipping system, but by seeking better alternatives like bubble mailers cheap, it is possible to have an affordable solution that does not compromise on quality service deliveries.

The modern business is faced with lots of challenges that they have to sufficiently address if they aim to attain core competence and dominate any niche market. Technology has resulted in stiff-neck competition as every business is now online looking to attract more clients and achieve more sales while building a brand presence. One of the challenges that have to be addressed today by all stores, especially those that have embraced e-commerce is in the efficiency and costs of their packaging and shipping solutions. The grey area when looking into these solutions is that there are conflicting factors that must be unified since it involves getting to have premium quality packages that will not be costly to ship. Considering that this is a core area on the day to day operations, the solutions settled on must be sustainable and have long-term effects on the business.

Fortunately, this is not a challenge that a single business faces as more and more business have taken their operations online since it is where the majority of potential customers are to be found. The faceless transactions of online orders have raised the bar for all businesses as customers will make their first impression by looking at the package delivered. This is why the trend has been to invest in packaging solutions that will result in a great unboxing experience that is a significant step to gaining the loyalty of a customer. The impacts of these great experiences will then become the raised platform for attaining those great reviews and reinforcing the business as a brand that can be trusted to deliver on their promises.

In the pursuit to deliver on great customer experiences, businesses can never ignore the total costs of packaging and shipping the products to different locations. The good news is that it is possible to have a great package that is not expensive to ship by re-evaluating the techniques used for this all-important operational aspect.  It is also encouraging to know that meeting customers’ expectations do not mean having to spend a fortune on lots of items than are necessary. There are several strategies that can be adopted for the fulfillment of these goals and they include;

  1. Strive to make smaller and compact packages

The general rule that shipping companies abide by is that the weight and dimensions of a package are considered when calculating the shipping costs. As such, if you got for a bigger box, you must be ready to pay for the extra-dimensional weight since it will take a larger space while in transit. The secret to avoiding having big packages than is necessary is to always go for customized packaging material developed for the exact size of the product. This will make your work easier, keep shipping costs low, and make the package more presentable.

  1. Always take to account the safety of the items being shipped

If you do not want the frustrations of damage claims, then the most suitable solution is to take charge of how the products are packaged. Shipping companies always have a bulk of items to handle at any particular moment, and there will be little or no time to carefully handle each item at all stages. The burden is, therefore on your shoulders as a business to take the right initiative when packaging. Small-sized fragile items can conveniently be shipped in bubble mailers cheap that come with a protective layer that is tough and waterproof. For bigger items, a perfect solution is having them sealed using air cushion wraps before being packaged in a box.

  1. Buy packaging supplies in bulk from a trusted supplier

You can take advantage of the economies of scale to reduce the total costs of your packaging solutions by having a trusted distributor for all your needs. It is easy to attain maximum value for money by making bulk purchases from a single supplier whose products have been quality-approved for all packaging requirements. Not only will the business enjoy the benefits of volume discounts, but there is the assurance that all packages will be of top-quality. Leading suppliers will also have the flexibility of providing customized packaging solutions that will make operations smoother.

  1. Have a trusted shipping partner

There are lots of shipping companies that have built on their market presence, thanks to their robust network that allows them to reach to most locations. As a business, you can take advantage of this and have a dedicated carrier through a strategic partnership that will see them handle your shipping requirements at affordable rates. Since the shipping company will be responsible for virtually all deliveries from your store, it is possible to negotiate for favorable shipping rates that will lead to a long-term partnership.


There you have it, the strategies to reduce the costs of packaging and shipping for businesses. You can apply them to save up and enjoy better profit margins.

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