Smart Investors’ Guide To Istanbul Apartments For Sale

Smart Investors’ Guide To Istanbul Apartments For Sale

Visiting a reputable property listing site is a great idea when looking for Istanbul apartments for sale. This city is the capital of Turkey and one of the most beautiful in the world. Istanbul is filled with beautiful landscapes, various tourist attractions, surrounding forests, and locations with amazing ocean views. The various locations overlooking the Bosphorus Strait banks can’t go without mention. Read on to understand how the real estate market in Istanbul works including ideal locations and things to keep in mind.

Real estate in Istanbul

This city extends across Asia and Europe. There are various deals regarding purchasing beautiful apartments. These include apartments with amazing sea views with the right amenities to meet your requirement and fit your budget. For anyone looking forward to taking advantage of the current property boom in Turkey, investing in apartments for sale is a viable idea.

Why the buzz about Istanbul apartments

Property in Istanbul is very attractive to foreign investors in various locations. This is usually for properties in the European side of the city and those in proximity to mega government projects including:

  • Istanbul canal
  • Highway E5
  • Tem highway
  • Coastal road

The price in other areas can also rise regularly to make this city an ideal location for anyone looking forward to investing in apartments for sale.

Where to find the best apartments for sale

Near the new Istanbul Airport

This is the ideal location for anyone looking for the flat for sale in Istanbul. Apartments here have a great advantage for potential investors and owners for proximity to vital facilities including:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure parks
  • Shopping malls

With such facilities, apartments here are on high demand for the various kinds of people looking forward to beginning a new life in this wonderful city.

Near mega construction projects

Various construction companies and the Turkish government play a significant role in promoting real estate in Istanbul. This is through the various apartment construction projects making the city to have various apartment complexes. Investors are always looking forward to investing in these beautiful projects for their high potential in the Istanbul real estate market. Additionally, mega projects such as the new airport, the Istanbul Waterway Project, the Eurasia Tunnel Project, create a huge demand for accommodation.

New developing locations

Don’t focus on the city’s famous locations when looking for apartments for sale. There are various locations booming with new and modern apartments in Istanbul including Bahcesehir and Bahcesehir. Additionally, you can find wonderful apartments on either the European or Asian side of the city. Each location has various advantages making it an ideal location.

The European side of Istanbul is famous for vitality and various opportunities that increase demand for apartments here. Apartments near the city center and historical locations including the wall of Constantinople also have some wonderful apartments for sale. There is a chance to catch amazing views of the Bosphorus to increase the value of the property.

Other drivers for the Istanbul apartment boom

Government initiative

The Turkish government offers foreign investors a chance to get citizenship for investing in the local real estate market. Other entitlements from the government to lure investors include a real estate residence permit. However, benefiting from these government initiatives requires meeting certain conditions including investing about $250,000 in buying an Istanbul apartment.

Good value for money

Istanbul has golden opportunities for anyone looking forward to investing in real estate backed by price suitability. This is ideal for various investors wishing to invest in various apartments with luxury finishes at the best price. Keep in mind that there are various beautiful neighborhoods where to find such apartments in the city including:

  • Sisli
  • Basaksehir
  • Zeytinburnu

Keep this in mind when buying Istanbul apartments

Before hitting the market for Istanbul apartments for sale, ensure to have a budget in mind. You also have to decide whether you are investing in an apartment for housing or investment. When looking forward to investment avoid double-interest bank loans. These might eat up a significant portion of your profits.

When selecting a location, choose one with higher growth potential. The ideal location would be near any of the mega projects underway. These projects attract various kinds of people to increase demand for accommodation. This is what makes owning apartments near that particular mega project a very profitable venture in the future. Demand for accommodation is likely to keep growing at the project progresses to cater to the demands of workers, business owners, and tourists lured by the project.

Bottom line

Turkey is a hotbed for property investment. However, Istanbul the capital has the most potential for anyone looking forward to investing in Turkish property. This city has various locations with high potential for the real estate industry. Investing in apartments for sale in locations such as Bahcesehi offers good value for money.

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