Single or Double Combination Rope

Select From Single or Double Combination Rope

You can choose from a wide range of braided ropes in the market. Each of the types comes with different features and characteristics’. There are usually two types of braided ropes which are:-

  • Single Braid and
  • Double Braid

These ropes are made with different types of materials which provide them with different types of strength and features. The combination rope is usually used in different types of fields especially for industrial usages or for construction purpose or even for recreational activities like rock climbing and others. The braided rope is one of the most trusted tools for the different types of rescue purposes.

What is a Single Braided Rope?

In this type of rope, usually, about eight to twelve strands are used. They are weaved together with half twirling clockwise and the other half anti-clockwise. Thus, leaving the centre void. The single braided ropes are also referred to as the hollow braid.

These types of ropes have got higher strength and durability and are used for lifting heavy weights.

What is a Double Braided Rope?

It is also referred to as the braid on braid. In this type of rope, the inner braid is surrounded by an outer braid and thus leaving no centre void. In the double braided ropes, a stronger fibre is used for the center braid. This provides the required strength to the rope.

The outer part of the rope is made with a purpose to make the rope more durable and thus uses an abrasive resistant fibre. The double braided ropes are highly strong and durable along with resistant to many other factors. However, the double braided ropes couldn’t be used for a counterweight system. Being thicker and stronger, the double braided ropes are used for all type of lifting jobs.

Polyester Adding to the Strength to the Braided Rope

Nylon and Polyester are the most common raw materials used for the manufacturing of the braided ropes. Both of them provide different characteristics’ to the rope. However, Polyester is preferred more for using in the rope as it has got many features which increase the properties of the rope.

  • Reasonable and abundance: – The cost of polyester is very reasonable and is available in abundance.

  • UV Resistant: – Being heat resistant, it can be used for outside jobs for a longer period of time.
  • Chemical Resistant: – Polyester is resistant to different chemicals like acid and alkaline at the normal temperature.


Strong and Durable: – The braided ropes with polyester have got a longer lifespan and are highly durable.

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