Role of Information Technology in Business Communication

A good line of communication with customers is the foundation of a strong customer relationship for any business house. The mode and utility of business communication have changed a lot in the last few decades. Business communication has been a significant factor for the growth of any business house of the present times. The growth of information technology has affected business communication positively. Information technology has revolutionized business communication for the better. The invention of new technology and devices has added multiple dimensions to the process of business communication. The benefits are even more for organizations that follow ISO standards for information technology.

The role of information technology in business communication has been covered in the following points:

Enabled long distance communication

The development in information technology has eased the process of long-distance communication significantly. Earlier it was challenging to communicate between two people who are separated by large geographical boundaries. However, advancements in the information technology have made it possible to communicate between two distant places as if the interaction is taking place in the same room.

  • Teleconferencing, video conferencing has changed business communication
  • People can communicate in real-time beyond geographical boundaries
  • Information can be shared on click of a button

Sending and receiving feedback

Feedback is the most critical part of any customer-oriented business activity. Feedback provides a glimpse of market trends disguised in the form of customer feedback. Timely reception of feedback can make it possible for the management to take productive course of action without any delay.

  • Feedback provides information about operational or product weakness
  • Feedback reveals customers preferences and tastes
  • Timely feedback is possible because of the growth of information technology

Improved security of communication

There was a time when companies used to store sensitive documents in lockers. These documents used to consume a lot of space that too in a secured environment. It used to be very hectic to search for a single piece of record in these piles of documents. Information technology has enabled organizations to store tons of sensitive documents over cloud storage and portable storage devices with additional security advantages.

  • Sensitive files and documents can be encrypted for security
  • Only an appropriate authority can access reports
  • Files can be shared in seconds while keeping them safe

Internal networking

Advancements in information technology have not only changed the way business used to communicate with the outside world but also how they communicate internally. Information technology has grown departmental networking by streamlining the internal communication process.

  • An internally connected network of computers can communicate with each other seamlessly
  • The internal network makes it possible to share files and information in the blink of a second
  • Internal networking had s increased the working efficiency of employees

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