Lanyards: Are They Worth Opting For?

Lanyard is a strap that is usually worn around the neck or wrist and has a metal hook attached to it. These hooks can be used to attach ID cards, badges, keys, and even pen drives. It may sound or even look mundane, but with a little tweak of customization and creativity, it can be interesting.

Different materials and styles

With the advent of technology and the flair of creativity, something as simple as lanyards can be customized as per preference. Different styles are prevalent now, and they are- Tube imprinted, polyester imprinted, nylon imprinted, etc. The materials that are used to manufacture these lanyards can vary too. Nylon, silk, polyester, satin, etc. can be used effectively.


Lanyards may be simple but they have varied uses. They are important and essential in different sectors like hospitals, police, school, etc. Some of the uses are listed below.

1) Marketing

Due to the improvisations and customizations that can readily be done now, lanyards are often used as marketing tools. Most of the time, the company or the institution name is printed on it for promotion. Employees and students are encouraged to wear it as much as possible to spread the promotion, which definitely comes at a very low price.

2) Identification

This is the very basic use of lanyards. In most of the cases, lanyards are used to attach identification cards or badges. These are generally hanged from the neck but are nowadays relegated to pockets or wrists. The presence of the identification close to the body helps in quick security check-ups and also helps to maintain the security of the place with relative ease.

3) Ease of carrying

Lanyards can also be used to carry light items like pen drives, whistles, etc. This is useful as it prevents you from taking a bag and you can just easily put it on you and go on.

4) Aesthetics

There is no doubt that lanyards and confidence are powerful combinations. Wearing a lanyard containing your ID could inspire an aura of confidence and make you look more professional.

These are some of the uses of the lanyards. Many may consider them to be useless, but in reality, almost all educational institutions and business organizations use lanyards. You could find it boring or it may hamper your style, but it is definitely worth a lot. Their massive use and specific regulations regarding wearing it is an indication of its worth.

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