How to Negotiate with the Estimator of an Auto Body Repair Shop

When it is time to do a body repair work for your work, there’s a lot of homework that you’ll need to go through, before entering the auto repair shop. Among them, one will be preparing yourself to settle the insurance part to know how much of the repair work will be covered by it. But then comes the stage where you need to negotiate with the estimator who will finalize the bill amount against your repair work. Here’s a useful guide we have gathered from an experienced staff of a reputed auto body repair shop in Salisbury on how to negotiate with an estimator or a service writer who sits at the cash counter of the auto body shop, you have chosen to bring your car for a bender fender or other repair job.

What is the Need?

The questions that the experts would recommend you to ask the estimator of the auto body shop is of real use to you, as with these questions, you get all the pertinent information that will help you know your car better, while you are saved from paying for something you really do not need to. moreover, the answers to these questions will help you to prepare yourself for the upcoming expenditures you need to shell out.

Explanation of the Estimate Given to You

The first thing to remember when taking your car for  repair work to an auto body shop is asking the relevant person who’s preparing the estimate for the job order they take for your car. The questionshould be focusing on what exactly wrong with your car that needs to be addressed.

In most cases the shops will hand you an itemized bill describing the estimate against each of the job they are going to do for your car.

In this you need to be in the know how, whether the job will include any repair to the structure, going to replace any part, and if they do, whether they are going to use aftermarket or OEM parts.

Repair Time

The next important factor you need to know from the estimator is how long all the repair work will take. If they recommend ordering replacement parts, installing and paint everything, then you could be looking at more time than it would take if they were just to repair the damaged area.

Options of a Renting a Car

Getting your car for an extensive repair work while keeping it at a body shop away from you can be literally taxing, especially, if it is the only car you use every day for daily commutes. But the current trend is that, al, the reputed auto body shops like Salisbury auto body shop offer you a car to use as an alternative but it will incur you with rental charges.

But if your auto body shop is offering such an option, you can consider availing it if the absence of your car is going to make your daily commute really taxing.

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