How Staffing Firms Use Video Interviews with Employment Assessments

How Staffing Firms Use Video Interviews with Employment Assessments

Staffing firm recruiters have an endless to-do list. From expanding talent pools to finding new clients, recruiters are on a constant quest for finding qualified, top-tier talent in a world of fierce competition and skills shortages.

One way to streamline your hiring processes, while identifying qualified candidates, is to add video interviews to the mix. Video interviews not only allow your candidates to select interview times on their schedule, but they also allow you and your client to review multiple videos at a time, analyzing potential talent while evaluating how candidate’s express themselves.

According to a 2018 Institute of Student Employers survey, 49% of companies now use video interviews as part of their hiring processes. Not only does video interviewing give you greater insight into potential talent, but it also lets candidates know that you embrace the newest technology.

Younger generations of job seekers, such as millennials and Gen Z, will become more attracted to your placement services, knowing they don’t have to tolerate an outdated form of recruiting. Additionally, combining video interviews with employment assessments allow you to identify predictive behavior, making better placement choices for your clients.

Streamline Your Recruiting Process

With video interviewing, you can screen candidates within minutes, not weeks. With one-way video interviews, candidates can express themselves fully by recording a video onto the eSkill recruitment and assessment platform, allowing you to review candidate profiles more efficiently. With two-way interviews, you can interact with candidates in real-time over an internet connection. With either option, you get a chance to watch or interact with the candidate, getting to know them beyond their application or resume.

By adding flexibility to your placement processes, you can also heighten the candidate’s experience. According to the Human Capital Institute, more than 60% of job seekers report a negative experience with the employers with whom they engage. Seventy-two percent report sharing this experience with someone else, either in person or on social media. By implementing video interviews along with computer-based employment assessments, not only are you improving the candidate’s experience, but you’re identifying the most qualified candidates in less time, giving you a competitive edge on placement.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Video interviews, coupled with pre-employment assessments, can improve the candidate experience pool. With these recruiting tools, potential candidates can access them on their computers, laptops, or smartphones, allowing for the ultimate flexibility.

For example, not all potential candidates are active job seekers. According to a LinkedIn Talent Solutions report, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive candidates, those workers who are content with their current job. Only 30% are actively looking for a new position.

By offering video interviewing, you can reach more passive candidates who may be interested in the job your placing. Additionally, you may attract active candidates who can’t travel to you for an in-person interview. The LinkedIn study indicates that the number one reason people change jobs is because of a new opportunity. By making it easier for candidates to interview for a new job through video, you can attract passive and active candidates from a wider geographic location.

Create a Complete Solution

By combining video interviewing with pre-hire skills tests and behavioral assessments, you can create a complete, streamlined solution. Video interviews allows the hiring process to be more engaging, interactive, and meaningful for both the employer and the candidate, improving the recruiting experience.

With a complete solution, you can ensure that your top-selected candidates possess the required skills necessary for the job and the company’s culture. Additionally, by integrating video interviewing with skills tests, you can reduce your cost and time to hire, making you more competitive in the staffing industry.

Learn How eSkill Can Help

To place the best candidates for your clients, you can combine skills tests, behavioral assessments, and video interviews into a seamless candidate experience, or use them individually. You can customize assessments based on your clients or industry requirements, giving you objective insight into the best-suited talent. Additionally, with eSkill, you’ll get expert advice and 24-hour tech support.

eSkill’s tests coverage is the broadest in the industry and covers areas such as Administration, IT, Retail, Engineering, Sales, Call Center, Healthcare, plus many other industries.

Request a demo and see how eSkill can help transform and innovate your recruiting.

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