Gurbaksh Chahal: The Story of a Successful and Meaningful Life

“Try not to be a man of success. Rather become a man of value”– these words by Albert Einstein have been lived to reality by one man, for sure – Gurbaksh Chahal. A successful entrepreneur with diverse ventures, he is one person who has achieved much success in life and given back to the community much more value.

One of the most inspiring digital entrepreneurs, writers, and philanthropists, Gurbaksh is an America based NRI. Born in 1982, by the time he was 25 years of age, he had established two flourishing and fruitful start-up businesses in the field of internet advertising.

The 2 online ad companies founded by this entrepreneur are ClickAgents and BlueLithium. He sold BlueLithium to Yahoo for a stupendous amount of 300 million dollars and also started 2 more companies in the online advertising industry.

After the success of his online ventures, this remarkable person entered the world of writing and emerged with a best-seller, “The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions.” The book encloses his life story as well as the challenges he faced in the path to success.

Released in 2008, the book which reads like a Gurbaksh Chahal Biography has been appreciated by millions. This remarkable person also became an overnight sensation, after being featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The man has described his life journey in Gurbaksh Chahal BeLimitless blog and his book “The Dream.”  His story reveals how by the age of 16, he dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of making a career in the first wave of the dot-com boom.

His first project, ClickAgents was a performance-based advertising network founded in 2000. In 2002, the company was purchased by ValueClick for $40 million. He was only 18 at that time. In 2004, he began BlueLithium which focused on understanding the behavioral pattern of online users in banner advertising. This app tracked the interest of visitors like their reaction to certain ads and the likelihood of clicking on themGurbaksh Chahal Biography. BlueLithium was sold to Yahoo for a whopping sum.

This person went on to start 2 more companies. The first was g-wallet, an online payment system and the second was DaVincy Marketing Cloud. The Chahal foundation, a registered non-profit was rebranded as DaVincy marketing cloud. This venture was the entrepreneurs’ way of contributing to society.

The mission of the Foundation is to create a positive change in society. The Foundation spread awareness about the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and encouraged people to refrain from hate crimes. It focused on improving education, supporting relief efforts for disaster and offering scholarships.

Chahal has contributed many millions to charities. Throughout his life, he has worked for the underprivileged. Recently, he began a blog called BeLimitless. Gurbaksh Chahal BeLimitless uncovers many secrets of his success. Gurbaksh Chahal Biography In 2010, he has also set up a scholarship program in collaboration with Pace University.

Gurbaksh Chahal Biography reveals that he has won many awards like ‘Top innovator Of the Year” (2006), Most Influential CEO (2011), World’s Richest and Fittest Guy (2011), 25 Richest Tech Entrepreneurs under 30 (2012) and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the World Award (2013).

The take away from his story is how he faced numerous challenges in his life, persevered and achieved success. He did not have family support when he ventured out initially. He is a youth icon for today. With numerous awards and frequent mentions in Entrepreneur, Forbes and Business Week magazines, he is one of the most influential persons of his era. His story has featured on many Talk shows and TV programs. His hard work and philanthropy have helped him garner much acclaim.

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