A Simple Gude to Help You Pick the Best Glassware for Your Laboratory

Running a laboratory is not an easy thing. You have to keep a tab of so many things. If you want the research activity to go smoothly, you must buy things that are of the highest quality. 


Many laboratories are right now using plastic materials, but they do not give that classic look and sometimes give a lot of problems. Most reputed labs in the world concentrate on getting the best glass materials. 


So many companies are selling laboratory glassware in Singapore. You need to pick the right company after doing thorough research. You do not want to face any problem. When you choose cheap materials, there is a chance of you getting stuck.


Common GlassWare Used in Laboratory: You should take time to pick the best or standard glassware which is also known as “float” gas or “soda-lime.” Never pick glassware that has cracks on it. Cracks might develop on an item when it undergoes extreme heating. 


The standard glassware or apparatus that laboratories use these days are as follows:


• Beakers

• Test Tubes

• Flasks

• Watch Glass

• Pipettes

• Funnel

• Cystilization Dish and so forth


Beakers: These are cylindrical containers that you can find in almost all the laboratories. The main purpose of these containers is to hold the liquids or the solids that vary in size. The range of these containers is somewhere between 10 mL to 4,000 mL. Since there is a lip on top of the container, pouring or decanting liquids become easy. 


Test Tubes: Cylindrical vessels that are small and which people primarily to store, heat, or mix chemicals is called test tubes. You can find them in various sizes. 


Flasks: The design of the flask is such that it will allow you to swirl the contents in it with ease. You can also use a stopper to stop the liquids from leaking outside the flask. There is also an imprint on the flask about the size of the stopper.  


Watch Glass: Now, this is one of those materials that people use to place a small volume of the liquid. The high surface area of the watch glass is quite useful in many experiments. 


You can use it to crystalize or evaporate the liquid. One can use it as a cover over beakers. But, covering the flasks with watch glass is not a wise thing. 


Pipettes: It is a media dispenser that people use commonly in biology, chemistry, and medicine. You can also call it a media dispenser. 


Funnel: A funnel is nothing but a tube or a pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. It is used primarily to guide liquid or powder through a small opening. People manufacture funnels using aluminum and plastic apart from glass. 


Crystallization Dish: These are glass dishes that the lab specialists use for both heating and cooling the baths. 


These are the most commonly used glassware in the laboratories. You need to be very careful when picking them. Here are some tips that you can follow to find high-quality glassware. 


Name and Reputation: Yes, this is the most crucial thing that you need to do. You should take the time to find a brand that has an excellent name and reputation in the market. 


You should avoid buying products from companies that have a terrible name in the market. Always research the brand before placing an order. It is the right thing to do. 


Get the Samples: Before placing a bulk order, you need to reach out to the company or the brand to get some samples. Check if the quality of the product is upto the mark. Compare with the samples you have received from other brands. 


When you do this kind of comparison, you will for sure find the best glassware in the country. Never compromise on the quality. You can indeed get glassware for less cost. But, what good is it if it does not meet your needs or becomes an obstacle for your experiments.


Check the Reviews: It is also wise to check online to see what others are thinking about a particular brand. If the reviews suggest that a brand is not upto the mark, it is better to avoid purchasing the product after inspecting the samples. 


Negotiate the Costs: It is wise to get quotes from three to four companies. Take your time to compare the rates. Once you do this task, you will know who is charging you a reasonable amount. 


If you feel that you should negotiate the costs further, you should plan on calling the company to see if they are willing to reduce the rates further. 


Always negotiate the costs if you want to get the best deal, especially when you are purchasing laboratory glassware in Singapore in bulk. People who refrain from doing this thing will end up buying products for a higher rate. 

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