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A Complete Guide to Move Kitchen Appliances during a Move

Moving to another location, whether the short or long distance is a major trouble. You have to completely uproot your existing house setup and take everything to a new location. This includes your perfect setup living room, bedroom, bathroom as well as a kitchen. While every room in the house is critical to pack and move, a kitchen is somewhat drearier. Why? Because there are some really critical assets in the kitchen that can only be moved with the help of an expert. The various appliances in the kitchen demand expertise of reputed New York movers to safely remove them, pack them, transport them and install them in the new location.

While the experts would do their job with perfection, here are a few tips you must know about packing your kitchen appliances.

You can always think of an alternate solution:

Moving kitchen appliance to a long-distance is not recommended. They may sustain damage or lose their functional potential, in case of serious damage. To prevent ending up to a situation of loss, you can choose to sell or donate a few of your appliances. By selling old appliances, you can collect money to buy better and modern versions of the same appliance and also save on the moving cost. If the appliances are too old to sell, donate them and make someone in need, happy.

Ask for professional advice:

You should never work on the kitchen appliance on your own. It is the riskiest thing you can ever do as appliance are sophisticated machines with intricate settings. To make sure you know how and what to work on your appliances, ask for the expert’s advice. Many moving companies in New York offer consultation services to help movers in managing the appliances.

Read the user manual:

Just like you followed a step-by-step guide to install the appliance, you must read the manual and find out the instructions to uproot the appliances. Every appliance comes with a manual that has all the information about the installation and disassembling the appliance.

Unplug your appliance and let them dry:

Make sure you unplug all kitchen appliances a day or two before the moving day. Also, air them out and make sure the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. have no water inside. The water can make moisture during the move which can damage the appliance.

Pack them safely:

The Packers and movers will take care of this aspect as packing the appliances, expertly, is very important. They will your foam padding or thermal padding to cover each side of the appliance, before packing it in a box. The professionals will secure the box tightly, and label the box as ‘fragile’ along with ‘this side up’ sign.
These are a few tips to help you safely pack and move your appliance during a move. The professional moving company has expert movers to take care of all your appliances. However, you must know what is happening to your appliances and must be able to intervene, in case you notice something wrong.

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