5 Indoor Air Quality Facts You Should Know

5 Indoor Air Quality Facts You Should Know

Every home deserves to have clean air indoors. It is hard to believe but indoor air can get dirtier than you can think. This usually results from various things including mold and mildew growth, and dirty air conditioner filters. Exposure to poor air quality comes with various breathing problems that might become severe in some people. Read on to discover some of the indoor air quality facts you should know and how they might affect your entire household.

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Higher chances of breathing in indoor air

Indoor air quality is very important since you are likely to spend much of your life exposed to indoor air. Perhaps you work from 9 to 5 in an office complex. After work, you are likely to head home to relax. This obviously means that you regularly breathe in air from indoors. In this case, great care is required to ensure that you breathe in safe air.

To ensure this requires living in places that are well ventilated and with efficient working air conditioning systems. Perhaps you can have some live plants in your office premises. Additionally, consider working from near a window. You can always open this to enjoy some fresh air and get some natural light.

Efficient ventilation enhances indoor air quality

Since you spend more time exposed to indoor air, it pays to always having your air conditioning system working efficiently. This requires always looking out for any issues on the AC that might require repair or service by a professional technician. Additionally, always schedule routine maintenance and AC repairs in Houston, this might include cleaning or replacing the air filters in your air conditioner to make the system work efficiently.

An air conditioning system with better filtration from filter replacements significantly addresses indoor air quality issues. Poor air quality is a serious health risk that needs urgent attention. The AC technician is the best person to call to come and fix the filtration and ventilation issues in your premises. This will significantly address indoor air issues to allow breathing in better air. Calling a professional to fix such issues goes a long way to enhance air quality to protect everyone from exposure to poor air quality.

Indoor air is prone to more contaminants than outdoor air

It is hard to believe but indoor air is more prone to contaminants than outdoor air. Indoor air is less safe than you can imagine. This is because the chances of contaminants accumulating indoors are five times higher than outdoors. People coming to an office establishment come wearing various perfumes with dust and dirt stuck on their shoes from various places.

This leads to increased accumulation of contaminants, especially in high traffic places. So, you are more exposed to contaminated air compared to being outdoors. When outside, there is free movement of air everywhere. It is even better when there are trees in the vicinity that help to purify the air. The rule of thumb is to consider spending some time outdoors to limit the dangers that might come from overexposure to contaminated air indoors.

Poor indoor air quality kills millions annually

According to the World Health Organization, about 4.3 million people die annually from indoor air pollution problems . Some of these indoor air problems include using fuels to cook food leading to suffocation in lower-income countries. However, this doesn’t make you much safer because you are in a higher income country.

Maintaining good air quality is very important for your whole family to be safe. It is equally important in the work environment to ensure employees and customers are safe.  The best way to ensure that you have ideal air quality is getting a professional recommendation from a professional air conditioning technician. This will service or repair your air conditioner to ensure it works efficiently to enhance indoor air quality.

High chances of picking up diseases indoors

You have already discovered the various negative impacts of living in space with poor air quality. Now is the time to discover some of the various diseases you might pick up indoors . These health issues are likely to affect various parts of the body and you better make an effort to avoid them. These include:

  • Throat irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Nose irritation
  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • More chances of heart disease
  • Respiratory infections and diseases

It is very important to avoid putting your health and that of your whole family at risk by exposing them to poor indoor air quality.

Bottom line

When you notice something weird about your air conditioning system, never hesitate to call a professional AC technician to come and fix the issues. It might need replacement or repairs to keep the air conditioner working efficiently to ensure good indoor air quality. The AC technician should schedule regular maintenance of your unit. This might include cleaning or replacing the filters to enhance air quality.

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