Tips For An Effective Ingrown Hair Remedy At Home

If you have experienced ingrown hairs, then you already know the frustration they cause. The irritation, itchiness, and pain can make it impossible to comfortably clean your skin. The problem of ingrown hairs occurs due to short and curled hairs. These hairs curl and grow back into your skin, turning into a reddish bump similar to a pimple in appearance. For an effective ingrown hair remedy, a deep exfoliating body mitt from Mitten body will be your new best friendHere are some following tips that will help you fight ingrown hairs.

Exfoliate every week

The main cause of an ingrown hair is dead skin clogging up the hair follicles. The dead skin cells change the direction of hair growth and curl them inwards back into the skin or cause them to grow sideways. If you exfoliate regularly, you can avoid the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of your skin. Something like a deep exfoliation mitt works perfectly for getting rid of existing dead skin around an ingrown hair. By applying the exfoliator with moderate pressure, it will visibly remove dead skin cells and open up the pores.

Exfoliate before epilating

Using an epilator can leave a build-up of dead skin cells on your skin and cause ingrown bumps. These dead cells interrupt the natural growth of hair, which can turn them into ingrown hairs. Using a deep exfoliation body mitt before epilating will prepare your skin surface and open up the pores. This way, the pores can now provide a clear path for the hair follicles to grow upward and outward.

Exfoliate before shaving

When you shave, you apply a blade on your skin cells. This process impacts the thickness and sharpness of your hair, which can trigger an ingrown hair. As with epilating, you should exfoliate before shaving to clean the skin surface from dead skin cells and open up the pores. Also, use a sharp and clean blade to avoid a bumpy or uneven shave. Using a good quality shaving cream will also help prevent ingrown hairs. The cream will reduce the friction on the surface, providing a smooth shave without causing any skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you can find a shaving cream that is free from alcohol.

Use a cool damp cloth after shaving

After you have finished shaving, the best way to avoid ingrown hair is to exfoliate the face using a deep exfoliation face mitt from Mitten Body. Used regularly the mitt clears pores and assists in minimizing ingrown hairs. It’s also a good idea to apply a cool damp washcloth to the face after exfoliation. To apply rinse washcloth with cool water, squeeze the cloth to get rid of any excess water and then gently apply over the shaved area. This can help in reducing any redness or irritation caused by shaving and can prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Moisturizing gels can help as well, but for sensitive skin types, a damp cloth works best and will leave your skin with a more comfortable feeling.

Ingrown hairs affect us all and can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. These ingrown hair remedy tips will ensure that not only will you see less ingrown hairs, but will also have softer and smoother skin from exfoliating. Research online to find a deep exfoliating body mitt that suits your skin type and says goodbye to ingrown hairs!

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