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Pack Your Lip Balm in Style

Be it summer, winter, autumn or spring, lips are always prone to dryness, chapping, and cracking. The best remedy for this is lip balms which are everyone’s best friend. And the most important aspect of any lip balm is its packaging or the lip balm display box. Since lip balms are a product that should always be handy at all times, the packaging should be such that it is easily portable and can fit into a handbag, a small purse, or even in a pocket. The packaging also needs to be sleek and unique as per the demand of today’s customers. Since a lip balm is something everyone uses, many people want the product that they own to look different from everyone else’s, and that can be achieved through innovative packaging.

There are many ways in which the lip balm display box can be made unique. You can play with colors, styles, materials, shapes, textures, etc. Let’s consider each one by one:


Colors can be used to distinguish different lip balm varieties. Since men, as well as women, use lip balms, the lip balm display boxes can be colored differently for either gender. Black, blue, and grey have many shades and are considered masculine colors whereas red, pink, and purple is supposed to be feminine. If you have a line of herbal lip balms, the packaging can be done in different hues of green & brown to give an earthy feel. If you have fruit-flavored lip balm, you can use the colors of the fruit as the colors of the lip balm display boxes. You can also use colors if the lip balm that you supply is of the tinted variety. The color and shade of the tint can be used as the color of the lip balm display box. Such packaging will be user-friendly since the colors of the lip balm packaging will alert the customer to the type and main ingredient. Additionally, a play on colors can make the lip balm display boxes look funky and chic.


You can get sticks, tubes, tubs, jumbo pencils, and sphere. What’s more, you can get lip balm box made for your brand, which will set you out from the rest. Whichever style of lip balm display box you choose for your product, make sure that it embodies your product in the best possible way.


Once you have selected the style of the lip balm display box, you have a choice of the kind of material you want it in. It could be plastic or metal. Both types of materials have their advantages. Lip balm boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly.


As with styles, there are many shapes to choose from – rectangular, circular, etc. You can have custom lip balm display box shapes as well. For example, if you have a line of fruit-flavored lip balms, you can have custom lip balm display box made into the shape of that fruit like a cherry or a pink grapefruit or orange. You can also use different shapes for different varieties, for example, different shapes for herbal, fruit-flavored, and tinted lip balms. Custom lip balm display boxes with not only make your product look appealing and cute; it will make it look unique.


Just like colors, different textures can be used to signify a difference in a variety of lip balms. For example, to differentiate men’s and women’s lip balms, a glossy texture can be used for women’s lip balm display packaging whereas for men’s lip balm display packaging a matte texture can be used.

All these techniques combine to give a unique looking wholesale lip balm display packaging for your brand. Colors, textures, and shapes can be combined in different ways and used to imply different varieties of lip balms. Just make sure that in addition to eye-catching design, all the wholesale lip balm display packaging that you is eco-friendly and recyclable.

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