Makeup is an Art, Not Just About Brushing Faces

Makeup is an art, don’t you think so? It is. A makeup artist job is not only limited to rub foundation, cream and other lotions on faces. It is wider than we think. A makeup artist as you require makes you more beautiful hiding little flaws that you have on your faces. Everyone has them some kinds of. No shame in it. A minimal makeup you can do at home but for more detailed, only an experienced makeup artist can do. As you must have seen many Hollywood celebrities that look immensely beautiful during their photo shoot, they are all done by professional makeup artists.

A true makeup artist knows about everything related to skins types, makeup brushes, beauty products; which ones are best and which ones are not. He/she knows and understands all the intricacies related to this art which makes your face as you want. It is one of the best professions one can think about making career in it. There are many best schools for it around the world. There are many best and famous makeup artists around the world that you can follow if you want to inspire yourself for this art. Some of them are Gucci Westman, Tom Pecheux, Pat McGrath, Charlie Green, Sam Fine and others.  

I tell you a story about a bride in India where at the last minute I did her makeup hiding a little oil burn mark that she accidentally got during her wedding while someone in the kitchen was cooking something. I was on visit to India. After long time I visited it. I needed to meet a friend there who is a makeup artist working in Bollywood industry. We both got our degree from Delamar Academy. After getting degree, she moved to India and started to work in Bollywood industry and also provides services for Hollywood celebrities. It was her daughter’s wedding, for which I was invited and I was extremely happy that after many years I was meeting my friend, a best one. And other reason was that I wanted to taste Indian delicacies, the spicy and rich food that I always love and couldn’t eat in London, not much variety of it.

When I reached Indira Gandhi airport, she came to pick up me. It was warm welcome and I felt very home in India in her arms. She is like a sister to me. I reached her home while eating Indian snacks in the middle of the way. When I reached her home, it was all colorful flowery. I mean the home was decorated with beautiful different colors of flowers. Oh, it was looking like a heaven had come down to earth. The day I reached, was the day of Sangeet ceremony, and bride, her name was Neha, was looking so gorgeous that in love I kissed her on forehead. She smiled and touched my feet, a tradition in India to give respect to older ones.  

The next day was her final wedding day and with my friend I was taking care of all the wedding planning. My friend’s husband died years ago so she was living with her daughter. My friend name is Sunita and I am Sheena. All was going perfect, and then suddenly some problems arose in catering. The caterer that she booked, boycott last minute, and my friend totally got frenzied. She was not able to think what she should do or not. She went to the caterer’s office and fought, and with God’s grace, matter got resolved.  Neha did not know anything about this matter and was in the kitchen with her friends. Her one friend was cooking something in the oil; accidentally someone dropped a little water in it creating the jumpy little bubbles that got onto her face creating slight but visible burn mark. Neha was sad seeing this and my friend was busy with other works. Her makeup artist couldn’t hide the burn mark. She was so sad, that she started to weep. I decided to help and in the last minutes I did her all makeup quickly. All her friends were surprised that very quickly I did all the makeup that their hired makeup artist could not do. Groom’s baraat reached at the wedding venue, which was near home. When all her makeup done, Neha went to the venue with her bridesmaids and sat near the groom. She was looking so hot and beautiful that no one could take off their eyes from her.  She happily got married and I happily got to my home.

Hence you understand how important it is to hire an experienced and professional makeup artist for your wedding. Besides, there are many best makeup artists in Bangalore that you can hire if you are planning to marry in the beautiful city.

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