Is First Trimester Of Pregnancy The Most Important Phase?

Pregnancy communities online are of the opinion that the first trimester is most critical phase of pregnancy. This is the time frame where a lot of complications are expected to occur. The best pregnancy communities advocate the following tips on how to pass this phase with ease.

Prenatal care

Just start off with your prenatal care routine, which means proper consumption of vitamin supplements. Folic acid would be the first supplement that you need to consume from becoming pregnant to conception. It ensures a healthy pregnancy and reduces chances of neural tube defects.

Prenatal appointments

With your doctor you need to schedule regular prenatal appointments. You can compare the various options and then trim down the choice based on your specific requirements. The choice of the correct doctor may be tedious but an important area to address. Just check out with references from your friends or families at the same time.

Choice of a caregiver

This is the time to narrow down on your caregiver. Any reference from your family members would be helpful.

Do not opt for self-medication

Any over the counter medicine is not suggested till you take expert opinion of your doctor. When you are in doubt consult your doctor for any suggestions.

Health insurance

An organization does have health insurance for their employees which cover the cost of prenatal care along with delivery. A general suggestion is that you do get in touch with the concerned departments to be aware of these schemes.

Have a journal handy and note down daily happenings that take place in your pregnancy. Not only it will be beneficial for you, but this would also provide ample guidance to your health care provider.

Things to do and avoid when you are in the first trimester of pregnancy

To ensure a healthy pregnancy along with birth you need to comply with some lifestyle changes. If you are aware on what to do and what not this would enable a healthy pregnancy on all counts.

Increase the fluid intake

To be hydrated during pregnancy is important as if you are dehydrated it can lead to complications. To be hydrated it is better that you increase your fluid intake on a day to day basis. Just keep an alarm handy that reminds you to drink water. You can also drink fruit juices to increase the intake of fluids.


To be healthy and fit you need to incorporate exercise as part of your regime. This would apply to the concept of pregnancy as well. In order to keep the body functioning in an optimum manner you should undertake some mild exercises. Before you follow any exercise regime it is better to consult your doctor.

Proper sleep

The body is prone to lot of changes when you are pregnant and the pregnancy hormones are responsible for it. You are going to feel tired and exhausted very often. To recover proper sleep and a designated sleeping pattern is suggested.

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