dental problems cause health problems

Can dental problems cause health problems?

Yes, dental problems can cause health problems, and this has been proved by several studies over the years. Researchers have already shown a link between the overall health and health of your teeth, gums and mouth. Which means, if you don’t take your oral care seriously, this can harm your body in more ways you could imagine. In fact, poor oral health can bring a host of negative consequences to the entire body and this must be understood well. More so, any dental problem be it aching teeth or bleeding gums, or bad breath may be an indication of poor health and any dental clinic Delhi can testify that.

Here are some of the common health problems caused by your dental health –

1. Cardiovascular Disease

You are at a risk for heart disease if your oral health is poor. In fact, bad dental health can lead to strokes. This situation arises due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth which if not cleaned properly, can enter the body, reach different organs including the heart, and cause grave dangers. These bacteria can cause the arteries to store up plaque and harden which leads to hardening of the arteries. And when the arteries are not soft enough, this can cause flood flow problems and heart blockages. This is how risks of heart attack and strokes are caused.

2. Dementia

Poor oral health may lead to dementia by affecting the brain. This may happen due to the inflamed gums or gum infection which releases certain substances that can kill brain cells. And when brain cells get damaged, this may lead to memory loss over time. Gum problems including gingivitis are bad for the brain as they become the reason why the bacteria in the mouth reach to the nerves. Poor oral health can easily allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and this can be dangerous for the body. Not only dementia but gum disease may also lead to even Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Diabetes

It’s even more important for diabetics to take their oral care seriously and keep the disease in check. Because, they are more prone to infection such as infected gums that can cause periodontal disease. Worse still, periodontal disease in diabetics make it even more difficult to manage and control the disease. In fact, gum disease can make the symptoms of diabetes go worse and hard to manage. People with gum disease have a higher than normal blood sugar levels which is bad for diabetics. That’s why you should never take oral care lightly if you’re a diabetic.

4. Pregnancy Issues

Poor oral health during pregnancies brings its own set of challenges. There will be hormonal changes in the body so would-be mothers are supposed to practice good oral hygiene and minimize complications during pregnancy. More so, risks of oral infections are greater during pregnancy and this is how complications may arise. Studies have show how gum problems in pregnant ladies can lead to premature birth and low birth weight in infants. So, pregnant ladies should take more care towards their teeth and gums and mouth to minimize risk to their infants.

5. Respiratory Infections

You should know that poor oral health can make your respiratory system suffer a lot. This happens due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth which if not cleaned and washed away, can reach into the lungs and cause infection. If you have swollen gums and infected teeth due to poor oral care, this can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream and lead to respiratory infections. You may also suffer from lung problems like pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and even COPD when oral care is bad.

6. Cancer

More than poor oral health it’s poor oral health practices that can lead to the risk of oral cancer or mouth or throat cancer. If you don’t follow good oral health practices and smoke or use tobacco, you can at a greater risk for cancer of the mouth. More so, gum disease and teeth problems are known to causing cancer of the pancreas, lung and blood. So, visit top dentist in Delhi regularly and keep yourself checked and screened to stay away from such grave risks. This is how you can stay on the right side of your oral health.

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