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Things You Need to Know About the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic

Although the segment of subcompact cars is losing their hold on market at a fast pace, a brand like Chevrolet manages to run the show, by incorporating the best qualities in its existing models of this segment. The 2020 year edition of Chevrolet Sonic is one such example in this range. With some relevant changes and important updates done, the 2020 model year of Chevrolet Sonic has already hit the dealerships with its dynamic lineup series of trims they name asLS, LT, and Premier.

Exterior Structural Pattern

The sales executive at the Lexington Chevrolet informed us that, even though nothing significant has changed in the exterior of the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic that carries over the structural pattern of the 2019 model year, the new addition to the color palette for both the body styles of four-door sedan and five-door hatchback, make it looks more appealing than before. The Chevrolet Sonic as a family of subcompact cars includes a four-door sedan as well as a five-door hatchback.

This time, it is the Orange Burst Metallic and Shock that disappear from the color palette of exterior colors replaced by the all-new Oasis Blue and Cayenne Orange Metallic.

What Has Changed for 2020?

The 2020 model edition of Chevy Sonic will continue with more or less the same qualities, especially for the sedan models. Sonic is currently the second-smallest car in the inventory of Chevrolet that is being presented for this year of 2020.

The biggest change you can find in the 2020 model year edition of the Chevrolet Sonic is in its powertrain, that has now been changed to a large extent to achieve better performance scores. The 2020 lineup of Chevrolet Sonic now let loose of the manual transmission that was earlier present across the entire range of trim levels. The 2020 lineup of the Chevrolet Sonic, however, continues with the same trim levels, that are the Base LS, LT, and Premier Sedan while the LT and Premier can also be ordered in Hatchback styles.

Improved Powertrain

The powertrain for the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic has certainly changed for better. The entire lineup can be seen to be powered by a turbocharged 1.4L I4 LUJ engine as the sole option, that can churn out a horsepower count of 138 along with a 148 pound-feet of torque. To gain this power output Chevrolet has assigned a six-speed automatic transmission as the sole and standard transmission across the 2020 lineup for the Sonic series.

Features that will complete the circle of features and advancement in the 2020 lineup of Chevrolet Sonic cabins are 15-inch wheels, power windows/door locks, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and subscription to SiriusXM radio.

For safety, Chevrolet has made a big bunch of advanced safety features like alerts for forwarding collision, lane-keeping, and departure while rear parking assist relieves the driver from the stress of parallel parking. However, we came to know from the all Lexington Chevrolet dealership staff that these features that are made available by Chevrolet still need to be added separately to the base package.

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