How You Can Reduce Costs and Protect Yourself as a PCO Driver

As a PCO driver in London, you need to remain safe while giving your clients the highest level of service. The PCO vehicle hire industry can be at risk on occasion and, as any experienced PCO driver will let you know, you need to remain brilliant and alert all the time while driving. Here are some tips through which you can understand how you can protect yourself as a PCO driver:

  • Money Management:

Your cash is important, and passengers who are thieves normally know that PCO drivers carry money. Indeed, even with the new application-based method, PCO drivers can be viewed as an easy target. A decent guideline is to never carry money with you and if you do have a passenger that pays you money, then you must keep it in a security box.

  • Vehicle Adjustments:

There are numerous vehicle adjustments that can be made to protect PCO drivers in London. A screen between the front and back seat can protect the driver from any type of accident, while CCTV cameras installed inside the vehicle can give a visual record of everything that occurs inside your vehicle. You should consult with the PCO Hire that will help to properly maintain your vehicle.

  • Individual Safety:

Your own security is important than anything else and anybody working in the PCO vehicle hire industry will realize that there are times when you may feel any type of danger by a passenger or another driver. Your best protection is to remain active. Remain quiet and relaxed and assess the circumstance. If the danger happens from a traveller inside your PCO vehicle, drive to a sufficiently bright, busy areas, for example, an oil station or industrial areas.

Decreasing Your Costs as A PCO Driver:

There is a wide range of costs that apply to the PCO vehicle hire industry and drivers are continually searching for new and innovative ways that they can minimize these expenses and still give the most ideal support of their clients. While one of the greatest costs PCO drivers in London’s face is ordinarily maintenance, there are still some different costs that can be decreased by following some steps:

  • Driving Smart

Driving consciously is vital for all those people who are driving on the road, however, it is particularly valid for PCO drivers. If you log a great deal of km every day, you can save money by safely driving:

While braking, don’t utilize your brakes as an apparatus and don’t brake too hard except if you completely need to. This can wear out your brake pads rapidly requiring replacement which can turn out to be expensive.

Getting A Good Deal on Maintenance:

Normally, there are three kinds of maintenance that PCO autos require:

  • Preventative (Routine) Maintenance
  • Shift Maintenance
  • Seasonal Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance: This includes checking your oil and level of other liquids just as checking your tire weight all the time. Guaranteeing your vehicle is properly maintained that will save you a lot of cash.

Shift Maintenance: This is commonly performed after and before the shift and it includes checking your tires, fuel level and the neatness of the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Seasonal Maintenance: This includes ensuring your coolant levels are right in the summer months, washer liquid is full and that your tires can deal with the street bad conditions.


Getting a good deal on fuel is critical and it can indicate many pounds every year when done appropriately. Utilize a fuel application which will give you the most economical hotspot for fuel in your general vicinity. You may even locate that numerous petroleum stations will offer limits on different things for PCO drivers in London.


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