Get to know about the all New Chevrolet Camaro 2020

Camaro from Chevrolet is one of the most popular names in the car industry. This car is stylish and offers high performance. The new 2020 version comes up with certain changes that everyone should know about before purchasing one from Morganton Chevrolet dealership. In this article, you will learn about changes, engine, performance, and more in detail.

Changes in the 2020 model

The most notable change in this version is that they have updated their front end styling portion of LT1 and SS model. This change has made the company put its logo on top grille portion. Also, the bar which is present between the grilles is painted with similar colors as this car’s exterior body.

Also, people looking to opt for the V8 engine in their car, should opt for the LT1 version as it is available in most reasonable price. This models price is $3000 less than SS model. Other models come with V6 engine that has automatic 10 speed transmission which replaces its 8 speed ones. Lastly, a new color is available for an individual, which is Rally Green along with personalization options.

Different options of this car

The different options available for this car is LS which costs around $26,000 maximum, LT is priced at $26,500 approximately, LT1 is around $35,000 and lastly the SS versionis priced at $38,000.

The V8 engine is available in the LT1 model and is the most affordable in the market for people looking to own a V8 engine. However, more people are inclined to get their hands on the SS coupe version which is equipped with 6 speed standard manual transmission. The V8 offers a horsepower of 455 HP and manual gearbox is said to be quite user-friendly.

Though this is available in LT1 version for lower price, the SS comes equipped with 1LE phenomenal performance package which is missing from the LT1 model. This cost around $7,000 it is considered to be worth paying the extra bucks. Other equipment includes Brembo upgraded front brakes, adaptive dampers, stickier and wider tires, limited electronic slip diff, exterior enhancement and distinct interior.

Safety measures

This car has scored 5 stars rating in crash test performed by NHTSA (national Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It comes with driver assistance features like rear traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, warning for forward collision, parking sensors, and more. To know more contact a Morganton Chevy dealer.

Maintenance and Warranty coverage

Camaro offers a warranty that can be compared easily with Challenger or Mustang. Also, Chevy provides first service free of cost. Limited warranty is for either 3 years or till 36,000 miles whichever is over first. Apart from this, powertrain warranty covers till 60,000 miles or 5 years, whichever is first to complete.

Now you are aware of everything that an individual who is planning to buy a Camaro should know. For more details you can obviously visit one of the Chevrolet dealers. So, why wait contact one today and get the best car in the market easily. Driving a Camaro will change your life!

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