Finest Tips for Driving Car in London

The one of the best thing that you need to know before driving a car, there are two major rules of driving a car in the London one is the federal law, that applies to the whole country, and state laws, that vary depending on the state in which you are living.

There are most of the traffic laws that are set at the state law which means that are depending in the state in which you are living such as speed limits, age limits, drink, and drug driving laws.

Age Limits

The age at which you are rightfully permitted to drive alone on a full driving license in London varies by state but falls between 16 and 18 years of age.

As a visitor, you will generally find that most PCO Car Hire will require you to be over 21 to rent a car, & there is usually a surcharge for renting a car if you are under 25.

Basic Rules

As with every country, there are few basic rules for driving which you need to observe. These are:

Drive on the right-hand side of the road

Detect all posted speed limits.

You shouldn’t drive if you are over the legal blood alcohol limit

You should stop at all STOP signs

You should stop for stopped school buses with the flashing lights and a stop sign

At least the driver & front seat passenger must wear a seat-belt during traveling anywhere.

Traffic Lights

Like every country in the world, London uses traffic lights to control traffic. Lights can be red, yellow or green. These colors mean

Red Light

As you would imagine, red means stop & you should stop at a red traffic light. There will be a line on the road marking where you can stop if you are the first car to arrive at the light otherwise you just stop in line behind other waiting traffic.

Yellow Light

you should come to a stop at the stop line. If you are moving too quickly to safely stop, such as you are about to cross the stop line & the light turns from green to yellow as you approach, you can proceed, however, if you can safely stop this is very advisable to do so and not try to “beat the light”.

Green Light

The light converts red directly to green, at which point you may continue. If a light is green as you approach this, you may continue to drive, However, be aware that if it changes to yellow you need to stop unless this is unsafe to do so.

Speed Limits

Speed limits vary by road & state, so there is no specific speed limit for driving. Speed limits are in miles per hour and some roads have dispatched minimum speed limits & maximum speed limits that you have to obey.

These above tips provide you help to drive your car into an excellent way into the London

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