Class 3 vs Class 5 MOT Training – What’s The Difference

MOT training

There is little doubt that people have regarding this test. It is essential for people who are interested in driving that they should pass this test in order to be able to run their vehicle on road. For this, you need to know all the basics of driving and MOT. There are different levels of this test and there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. These requirements would allow you to know the vehicle so that you can live up to the expectations of the examiners. If you are a little confused about the level 3 and level 5 classes then this guide can walk you through the differences and give you a better understanding.

What is the MOT test?

It is an annual test that is held in order to ensure the safety of the vehicles. This test examines the condition of the vehicle and allows the drivers to have a safety check.

Difference between class 3 or class 5 MOT test

There is little difference between the two classes. Both the tests ensure the safety of the vehicle however the intensity and expectations do change. Following are the differences that exist between class 3 and class 5 MOT test.

1. Certification

You need show the certificates of the previous training in order to be considered eligible for the next step. For MOT class 3 you need to show the certification of level 2 testing certificate. This would determine that you have already passed the test and you are eligible to appear for the next. In MOT 5 you can also appear by showing either level 2 or level 3 training certificate.  MOT Level 3 Award determines your eligibility to appear for level 5.

2. Price varies

In order to appear for the test for level 3 or 5, you need to find a seat that is vacant in the course. This would allow you to book your seat with the course provider. You just need to find the right training center. Depending on the level of class, the price varies. You can visit the site in order to be sure about the changes.

3. The difference in the vehicle type

There is also a difference in the vehicle type that determines the level of the test. For level 3 following is the type of vehicle that is tested.

• Three-wheeled vehicles not exceeding 450kg ULW (excluding motorcycle combinations) – category L2 or L5

For level 5 the requirement is different and given below:

• Private passenger vehicles, ambulances and motor caravans with 13 or more passenger seats – category M2 or M3

In order to pass the MOT test, you need to know the basics. The importance of this test in the UK is undeniable and you need to put in the effort so that you can pass the test. The test type as well as the difficulty level changes for each level. You just need to prepare yourself so that you can pass the test.

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