Cooper Tires are currently Available All crosswise over UAE

Around the globe Cooper Tires has earned name and popularity, for creating probably the best items for the car business. The strength and solid hold make it an ideal counterpart for driving over the UAE paying little respect to the landscape and course you travel. It is safe to say that you are anxious to benefit a similar high caliber of Cooper tires that inside UAE that was just expected to be accessible abroad? Would you like to encounter a flawless drive on different unpleasant and troublesome landscapes of Dubai? Cooper Dubai has the answer for you. We have conveyed the acclaimed brand to a town closest to your home or work environmeā¤šnt

Tire Shop Dubai is Authorized Retailer of COOPER TIRES.

Buy car tyre online at Dubai with these features.

  • our tire specialists are free
  • We hold in excess of 3000 tires.
  • To share their insight and give you the best exhortation.
  • To pick the correct tires for your vehicle with Fair-Prices.
  • We have 20 diverse tire marks that suits your financial plan.


Zeon RS3-S

The RS3-S is the most recent ultra superior summer tire inside the cooper execution, low-profile tire

Zeon RS3-A

Inside the Cooper execution family, The RS3-A is an ultra-superior all-season tire.

CS5 Ultra Touring

The CS5 ultra touting gives genuine execution, all things considered, condition for ordinary drivers

CS5 Grand Touring

The CS5 Grand Touring gives dependable ride comfort and has imaginative advances.

CS3 Touring

The CS3 Touring has particularly figured tread compound which includes new innovation for dry footing

Lifeliner GLS

The Lifeliner GLS is an all-season visiting tire line intended for purchasers searching for visiting execution in a reasonably valued

Trailblazer SE

The Trendsetter SE is Coopers’ entrance level all-season tire line focused to the esteem situated buyer.

Cobra Radial G/T

The Cobra Radioal G/T all-season corrective execution tire worked for outdated muscle autos

Pioneer SRX

The Discoverer SRX mixes innovative innovation and propelled building to convey certain all-season execution.

Pioneer A/TW

The Discoverer A/T gives the on and rough terrain, all year execution required from an off-road tire Pioneer A/T3

Pioneer A/T3 perform well in about all kind of landscapes and uses a reasonable mix of innovation.

Pioneer S/T MAXX

Highlights cooper’s demonstrated and solid 3-handle corpse development with another, exclusive cut and chip safe tread compound.

Zeon LTZ

Created as a mixture between a game truck tire and an off-road tire. Superb ride and taking care of abilities.

Pioneer S/T

Universally handy, footing tire that is a cross breed of three structures – business footing, off-road, high-void.

Pioneer STT

Premium high-void, go 4×4 romping light truck footing tire intended for drivers who need the most extreme in rough terrain footing

Pioneer HT3

Planned as a top notch light truck business roadway rib tire that gives confided in all-season execution

Pioneer H/T

Premium visiting SUV/light intended for drivers who need ride comfort, truck unique gear substitution tire.

Pioneer M+S

The Discoverer M+S line fits an extensive variety of SUVs and light trucks, remote and residential.

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